Formula Dispensers

Before I gave birth, I had a list of baby stuff completed. I’m a first time Mom and I want to be ready for anything. I bought each of the items slowly – I want to get them at discount prices so waiting for 3-day sales or payday sales is my game.


One of the items I got were formula dispensers. This is one of the staple items if you have a list of baby stuff. The thing is that, I never got to use them because I am exclusively breastfeeding. I got 3 sets. I got them cheap from an Enfant store sale and I feel that I have wasted my money buying them even if I got them from a very good deal.


Now, I don’t call them formula dispensers anymore. I got two ways to use them. One set, I used for Portia’s food dispenser when we go out. Each division would consist of a meal’s serving. Then the other 2 sets – they are the same sets and the containers can be interchanged – I use them for Jack Jack’s snacks and baby food. It’s great that it’s small because I can just throw it in the diaper bag for a day out with the baby. I also like the fact that it’s transparent. I can always see if I’m running out of snacks or what snacks we have available. He likes those kiddie cereals – it’s like a treat!

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  • xoxo

    nice idea! i’ll try that too my son’s knick knacks. thanks.

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