Top 10 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Easier


Lazy_Mama_Jack_Jack_BellyfestI never really thought twice about breastfeeding. It has always been my dream. All those milk commercials’ last half second information regarding breastfeeding must have sink into this crazy mind of mine. Now, who says half a second isn’t enough air time?

What really gave me doubts were those breastfeeding myths that has been circling around ever since milk formula entered the market – but that’s another story.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I knew I had to do my research. I grew up in the formula-fed generation. It’s sad but up to now, the information is still hard to get a hold of. Researching is probably the hardest part.

“You are breastfeeding? Wow! That must be hard for you.”

“You should get an award or something.”

I used to get these comments when people hear that I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby. Hard? I don’t know about that because lately, I realized that breastfeeding is just about the perfect choice for a lazy mama like me.

I’d tell you why breastfeeding is easier:

  1. Preparation in a snap. Breastmilk is always ready, at the perfect temperature, anytime, anywhere. Simply raise your top and latch the baby. If you are bottlefeeding (correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t have hands-on experience with this part), you’d need to warm the water and mix it with the formula before you can feed the baby.
  2. Get more sleep. I won’t say you can sleep the same way you do before you had the baby  but you will have more sleep if you breastfeed compared to bottlefeeding. All you have to do is raise your top, latch the baby and go back to sleep (Use the side-lying position for this). You can do this without a mistake even with your eyes closed. Heck, you can also choose to ask your partner to latch the baby and you don’t have to wake up anymore! If bottle feeding, imagine preparing the formula with your eyes half open. You will also need to wait for the baby to finish the bottle, give him water, burp the baby and go back to sleep – that is, IF you’re still sleepy.
  3. Travel light. Going out with the baby means you need to bring all of his stuff along. This includes the bottles (Yes, bottles! You’d probably have more feedings than one, right?), formula and clean water. Sometimes you’d need access to electricity to warm the water or to sterilize the bottles. If you are breastfeeding, you will always be able to feed your baby.
  4. Less/No bottles to wash/sterilize. Do you know that dishwashing is one of my dreaded unfavorable chores? Unless you are pumping exclusively, you’d need less bottles to buy which means less to wash as well. I was a SAHM when I gave birth and I only have 7 5-oz. bottles and 4 9-oz. bottles. One of which is a Playtex Drop-Ins 5-oz. bottle and all of the 9-oz. bottles I was able to use less than 10 times.
  5. No need to administer vitamins. No need to give vitamins up to 6 months if you are exclusively breastfeeding.
  6. No need to give water. No need to give water to baby if you are exclusively breastfeeding.
  7. More bonding time. Might be a downside for some moms but the breastfeeding mother should always be with the baby especially during the early months. For working mothers, bonding time is probably limited once their maternity leave expires. And if you are breastfeeding, you get quality bonding time with the skin-to-skin contact while nursing. You don’t need to waste your time preparing his milk or washing the bottles.
  8. Comfort. From birth to toddlerhood, you will always be faced with tantrums or accidents. I find breastfeeding the easiest way to comfort Jack Jack. He would always give me those twinkling eye looks and the sweetest smile even if he’s cranky or just bumped his head. He knew and I knew, everything would be alright when he nurses.
  9. Delay in ovulation. Exclusive breastfeeding will delay your menstrual periods. I have recently gotten my period back after two years of not having it and I feel a bit sad because I’d have to go through menstruation again. The delay can also prevent pregnancy so contraceptives wouldn’t be needed in the first six months that the baby is exclusively breastfed.
  10. No need to exercise right away. This one’s a bonus. Since breastfeeding helps you burn more calories and shrink your uterus back to its old size, you can choose not to go back to the gym right away.

So, the next time you think about giving up on breastfeeding, think about how easy it is going to be in the long run. Also, remember that I haven’t mentioned the benefits of breastfeeding – and I will never ever do that. Because there’s too many and I’m quite lazy to do a list as long. See, I like to do things fast, easy and efficient – even if I have to do a bit of some hard work at the beginning. Now, THIS is the lazy way…

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