Baby Proofing Your Fan

In a tropical country, you are lucky if you have centralized air conditioning system installed in your house. Apparently, this is not the case for most people. We can’t afford to have the a/c running 24/7. Electricity doesn’t come cheap these days.

When Jack Jack sweats, he sweats like crazy. Even with the  air conditioning turned on. Imagine how much more he sweats if there’s none. We can only get by with the use of an electric fan.

The problem with fans is that it is not designed to be baby- or kid-friendly. Those little hands can always reach inside those blades. We have an industrial fan! Jack Jack has tried many times inserting his fingers through the fan, perhaps, because of curiosity. Thankfully, he has not injured himself.

I knew there has to be some solution to this dilemma. I will never forgive myself if those blades would ever get to touch Jack Jack’s fingers.

Once again, the power of research has paid off. A friend told me I can buy these nets from the Japan Store for the cheap price of Php88. Just wash it regularly since it gathers dust pretty easily.

Baby_Safety_Electric_FanNow, I can cross that off my worry list.

UPDATE #1 (September 17, 2009): I’m not sure what happened exactly but my housekeeper washed it. The garter became lose making it easier for Jack Jack to pull it off the fan. My Mom changed the garters just today. Thanks Ma!

UPDATE #2 (September 24, 2009): Somehow Jack Jack’s fingers has found it’s way inside another fan without the net. We had to move things around the house and the fan came from another part of the house that he doesn’t go to. Thus, no baby-proofing. He got a scratch on his right ring finger and a bit of a shock. As usual he would run away from the scene of the crime like he’s got nothing to do with it. He didn’t cry even when I poured alcohol on it. Oh, well…

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  • Clarice

    hi carol!

    thanks for the tip. went to a japan store this afternoon and was able to buy the electric fan protector. thanks!



    1. The Lazy Mama

      good to hear that! happy to be of help.

  • iamasinger

    Carol, I’ve seen something like this in Singapore but more efficient since it has a filter at the back side of the fan. Isn’t it that the back side of the fan suck anything that goes on it right? So with the help of the filter the dust will not make it through the fan thus allowing you to enjoy a dust-free refreshing air. Not to mention that you don’t need to clean the fan regularly because it doesn’t gather that much dust.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks for this. I haven’t been to Singapore but I’d pretty much purchase that if ever I see it (as long as my budget would allow it). Do you have a pic?

  • Jaymie

    The Japan Store ?I’ve never heard of it ,can you post a link if they have a site …I’ve been searching for one ..I have a curious son myself when it comes to our fans. We have Super hot hot summers here in Oklahoma, today it was 110!

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