Shopping for Air Conditioning Units

Speaking of heat and humidity, I remembered once we were shoping for an air conditioning unit. We wanted something that would last us a long time if not lifetime, cool and power efficient. And so, Big J and I talked to the SA:

Big J: How much for a <Brand> 1.5 HP aircon?

SA: With or without remote?

Lazy Mama: With remote. We’re lazy.

Later on, I realized that there are things in life that you can scrimp on but there are things that you have to consider when scrimping especially your convenience. I mean, you wanted an air conditioning unit to be comfortable, right? Then, why would you purchase one that would require you to stand up to operate when you can easily pick up the remote control?

The Lazy Mama

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  • Geli

    true true~! why stand up just to be more comfortable :D

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