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I have this camera and monitor for Jack Jack. I turn it on when I leave Jack Jack sleeping. This was very helpful before when I needed to finish some chores. I didn’t have a housekeeper then.

Now that I’m working and I would usually leave Jack Jack with the housekeeper, it scared me to use it to watch them when they’re in another room. I trust her and all but I’m just curious how they are when they are alone. However, my curiousness is just as much as my fear. The fear of seeing something that she shouldn’t be doing. What if I did see something inappropriate and I block out and I do something that I would regret for the rest of ┬ámy life?

What, with all the nanny horror stories I’ve heard – and even watched! I just couldn’t imagine how they could live with themselves or sleep at night after hurting a child.

For my own peace of mind, I have finally watched them from my monitor the other day. And to my relief, everything seems to be fine. She’s watching TV but is still attentive to Jack Jack’s every move. I’ve enjoyed watching them play because I can see how much she cares for my little one. She’d cheer him up when he starts to cry. I’ve also watched her version of the Do Run Run from Game Ka Na Ba? – just so she could make Jack Jack smile.

How about you? Would you consider using a nanny camera?

The Lazy Mama

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  • Lira

    sis, where did you get that nanny monitor? how does it work…im so interested and wants to buy something like that for my son…pls text me naman where to get this…09228701977



    1. The Lazy Mama

      Big J got it from CD-R King. We later found out there were cheaper brands in Raon so you might want to look for it there as well.

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