Shower Curtains

I love having shower curtains in the bathroom (I grew up in a non-shower-curtained bathroom. It has tiles though!) because it keeps the non-shower area dry which pretty much makes cleaning easier – not that I’m cleaning them. Or should I say maintenance? I just like them clean and dry. And I don’t like to call my housekeeper everytime I take a bath.

I also like those shower curtain rods that you can install easily – except that it falls hard on your head easily if you put too much weight on it or it is not installed properly. Better learn how to watch it or catch it!

However, the shower curtains can also trap stubborn mildew and stains. These are hard to remove and would eat much of your time when you do. So, why not throw them away? Yes, throw them away! I usually buy the cheapest (as usual) I could find so that I could still sleep soundly at night. This not only rids of those mildew and stains, it also gives your bathroom an instant makeover!

By the way, the cheapest shower curtains with prints I found are from Japan Store – don’t you just love this store?!! Shower curtains are only Php88. Pretty much like the Dollar Store except that it’s worth almost $2. Ha! Saw plain shower curtains from SM Home World. They’re cheaper at Php35. I just find them boring since they are plain. I had to choose the latter since we might be moving to another house next year. And I don’t think blue would be my bathroom color choice. So there…

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  • David Wilkenfeld

    I do the same thing, my cheap curtains usually tear at around the same time as they need to be replaced, so it works out just fine:-)

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks David! It’s great to hear people are doing the same thing. I feel a bit normal. LOL

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