I missed posting the other week because I was only able to schedule one post. And with the aftermath of the storm Ondoy (Ketsana), we have to clean up the whole house. Everything got washed up. The spring cleaning I’ve been dreaming of has come without notice!

Anyways, we were blessed that each member of our family including my housekeeper is safe. We got away with some bruising and a broken nail (Portia).

Appliances, furnitures and the house can always be replaced – with a bit of harwork, of course. The one thing that made me sad the most were the pictures. Big J was able to hand me our wedding album. I placed it in the highest part of our cabinets. But the other pictures which aren’t organized (thanks to me!) are in a shoe box. They were the pictures I had from when I was a baby to toddler to kinder to elementary to highschool and college! Darn shoebox.

I’ve been doing some preparations before (when we were in our previous place) for emergencies like hotline numbers, flashlights, food storage and pick-up-and-go-very-important-documents-container. However, I never thought of having a safe place for these pictures. These pictures are old so don’t expect that I have softcopies of them – which I should have had. Some of them have been scanned before but my external drive got submerged as well! Ugh! Well, Big J got to revive it and I’m happy to report that it’s working now.

I am thinking of availing online backup services but I’m not sure if it’s safe or if they would guarantee that they wouldn’t corrupt/delete my files. If I go this route, I might scan important documents as well.

There are several waterproof/fireproof containers in the market but I find them all too expensive with my budget now. We still have to spend on some repairs for the flood damages. The cheapest solution I could find as of the moment is the Lock n Lock container and ziplock bags I have. These should be my temporary solution should there be another emergency to arise.

Now, to clean those pictures, I found a procedure right here and here. I will get to cleaning the pictures after 10 years I get most of our stuff straightened up.

I’m planning on doing an Emergency Preparedness project which have been put off since we moved into this house. I thought I could delay it until we move into our real house next year but then this happened. Another lesson learned: Stop procrastinating!

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