Delegation is probably the hardest for me to do. You might think I’m crazy. Well, yes. It’s just that I want things done perfectly that I don’t want to blame myself for passing it on to someone else and not liking the results. Do you know why I didn’t hire a full time nanny for Jack Jack? THIS is exactly why. I want everything to be perfectly clean (for his stuff). I don’t want to miss anything that Jack Jack does. However, this makes me exhausted and grouchy and at the end of the day, nobody likes me anymore.

I can pretty much do everything … given the time. It’s just challenging when my hand’s full with Jack Jack. Not complaining though.

When I gave birth to Jack Jack, I realized I needed help. It is just impossible to keep the house squeaky clean with a baby to attend to. So we hired a housekeeper. With the recent flash flood brought about the typhoon, the house became a mess. Three weeks after, my housekeeper quit. Great, huh? She pretty much cleaned up the house – almost. It’s livable now but there’s still a ton of work to do.

Having mentioned that, I desperately needed help. My Mom comes over regularly and I couldn’t thank her enough. I’m a bit hesitant to hire another housekeeper because that would mean another gruesome (for me) training and another daunting task of learning to get along with another person.

Anyways, what I want to point out is that if you need the help, get all the help you can get. I don’t usually have the face to ask for help but when I’m offered it, I would usually grab the chance when desperate.

Currently, I try to train housemembers to help. Jack Jack can pretty much pickup his toys when he’s in the mood for it. He wipes his high-chair table if you give him a cloth or tissue – well, it’s not the squeaky clean I want but it’s a start. He does the same thing on chairs. He dusts! When he’s old enough, I’d teach him house chores so he would be independent when he grows up. I grew up knowing just a few house chores, thus, the name…

Portia Helping Out Rock the Baby Jack Jack in the bassinet

See? Even Portia does her part…

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