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If you are a new mom, I’m pretty sure you have bought a pacifier for your baby. Along with pacifier holder. What can I say, pacifier’s are cute. But you wouldn’t want them dropping on the floor and have it go back to baby’s mouth.

As a breastfeeding mom, I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have the need for a pacifier. The first time I gave Jack Jack his pacifier, he spit it out. It’s pretty cute, you know. The pacifier shoots out of his mouth like a cannonball.

I still have the pacifiers. Even the ones that haven’t been opened. I’m just waiting for someone who would have a use for it.

Now, for the pacifier holder. I have that, too. What I did with them? Instead of throwing them out, I used it for teether holder. Or any toy we bring out so he could throw it but it won’t touch the floor. I even have a little bottle spray of alcohol to disinfect the toy that would touch the floor – if ever they did. I’m just that germophobic for Jack Jack before. I wonder if that’s normal.

So, if you’re a first time Mom and you are planning on breastfeeding. Please take my advice. Don’t buy pacifiers or pacifier holders anymore (unless you want a teether holder?). Baby will never take the pacifier or if they do, baby will have nipple confusion. You don’t want this problem while breastfeeding.

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