Baby Nail Clippers

NailcutterThis is another must-have if you will look at the usual baby stuff list expecting mothers need to buy. My Mom told me that a regular nail clipper would do so I didn’t buy any. You will find lots of innovations for this little gadget. There’s one that’s got a magnifying glass, a lamp, a good grip, etc.

The magnifying glass feature can sometimes be blurry – depending on the brand that you purchase. The lamp, I didn’t get the purpose of this at first. Why would you cut baby’s nails in the dark? Later on, I realized the reason behind it – because he would usually sleep in a dim lighted room. Now, I get it!

Lately, I’ve realized that what I really wanted in a baby’s nail clipper is something that would keep the cut nails. You see, during cutting, the nails can go flying all over baby’s bed, his skin or (gawd no!) his eyes!

To solve this, I have a small nail clipper with side covers we got for free from a hotel. Now, the nails are kept in a place until after the nails are clipped. I found a similar nail clipper with side covers from Trim but it’s way too big to use for a baby. I’m not sure if you can easily find a similar one in local stores though.

If you can’t find something similar to this in stores, I’d suggest sticking a scotch tape in each side of the nail cutter. This would keep the nails inside the nail clipper preventing discomfort or accidents. When you’re done cutting, shake the clipper so the nails would stick to the tape. Removing the tape would rid of all the nails – straight to the trash!

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