Easier Laundry for Baby’s Clothes

I sometimes dread about feeding times. Why? Well, Jack Jack would sometimes spit up the food that goes into his mouth if he’s not busy enough (we make him busy during mealtime with toys and he’d gladly open his mouth). Although sometimes he would more often than not spit it up and the food goes into his clothes. Most of you probably knows that we currently do not have a househelp and who do you think would do the laundry? That’s right It would be yours truly!

Laundry used to be easy because I’d just throw it into the washing machine and set it up BUT with the mess that little kids can make (believe me it’s really a mess), the poor machine can’t really take out those stains single handedly. I’m happy that I have a washing machine. It gives a huge amount of load off my shoulders. I can’t imagine people doing laundry without it these days. An image of ladies doing laundry along the river with gigantic wash basins and paddles whacking the clothes goes over my mind.

Prevention is better than cure.

Because I don’t like stains nor removing them, I try to avoid having them instead. No, I don’t cover my kid in plastic wrap. I just let him be a kid.

Firstly, I use plastic bibs during meal time. That way, even if he spits up, there’s something that would catch it before it hits his clothes. Cleaning is easy because I’d just wash it with soap and rinse and let dry. I have two bibs but I like the other one better because of it’s folded pocket that can be straightened during clean up. The pocket catches all the food or liquid that gets rejected. I’m thinking of buying another one but I think having just one works just as well.

My Mom is more fond of using the cloth bibs but I find them as another laundry problem because it stains. And sometimes the stains goes through the cloth and it still goes into his shirt which brings us back to square one. This led me to send most of Jack Jack’s cloth bibs to her house. That way, she uses it in her house when my kid’s there and the plastic bib in my house.

If worst comes to worst that the stain goes into his clothing, I’m currently using the Tide To Go Pen when we’re out. It’s just a little pen used for pretreating stains. Other products available in the local market that pretty much does the same thing are Clorox Bleach Pen and Cycles Stain Pretreater Pen. These pens does the job, I think. I am just about to test the latter.

If the pens doesn’t treat the stains enough, I’d use Clorox Color Bleach. Why the Color Bleach instead of the real bleach? I think it’s not only delicate to colored clothes but also for the baby’s skin. I’m not sure how sensitive your baby’s skin could be so just to be on the safe side, use the one that is not as strong as the real bleach.

If all else fails, go topless. Not you, of course. The baby! Use wipes for clean up and you’re done in no time.

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