Seal and Store Rotary Grater

Let me first say that I wasn’t paid for this (but I’d pretty much be very very happy if I were). I’ve been looking around for this gadget for quite sometime and needless to say I didn’t think twice when I’ve finally found it at a local store. New gadgets get here pretty slow and not a lot of people uses it.

With the holiday season, it’s cheese that people would most likely to put in their food. I love to put lots of cheese on my food especially on pasta. It’s such a chore for me when I have to grate cheese manually using one of these. I’m not only lazy, you know, I’m also clumsy at times so there’s this chance of hurting myself.

I was so excited when I bought a rotary cheese grater because now I could put as much cheese as I like when I eat my pasta. I’m lucky I got the one that can seal/store the cheese inside it and just toss it inside the fridge. I store my cheese in a zip lock bag when I put it back in the fridge to retain freshness so the sealing feature makes me like it more.

Best thing about is that I don’t have to wash it everytime! – which I think is the one thing that would make me choose the simple grater over this baby. I still wash it every use though. And as unbelievable as it sounds, I’d use it over and over again – and wash it everytime, too! Now, is that me talking?

From the online reviews I’ve read, I think I should handle it with care because the handle can break-off easily. I’ve got a small built body but these muscles surprises me sometimes.

I’ve used it for two weeks now and I’m really glad I purchased it. This is my holiday gift to myself.

Time to eat my spaghetti now. Enjoy the holidays!!!

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