I tend to forget things. Mental notes for me are as good as writing notes on water. I don’t have the sharpest memory. The main reason why I skipped the epidural when I gave birth. I try as much as I can to remember everything but I think this head can only hold so much info. I have to purge some to add some. I can’t just purge information out of my head without writing them down so I’m listing things that I need so I can forget about them for a while. The list will remind me in due time.

Here are a few examples of things I make a list of:

To do List. When I want things done for a given time, I make a “reasonable” list. I’m not a magician so it should be a to do list that can be done in a reasonable time.

Traveling List. What’s worst than being miles away from home and you forgot something? Oh well, I cannot think of anything else (yet). I used to have a really big luggage when I travel with my parents when I was a kid. I’d usually pack my room in it… Nah! Just about everything I would probably use so I end up packing a lot! But when I grew up, I learned it was easier to travel light – though I’d hate it if I forgot to bring something so I make a list. I have a list of items I bring for overnights and for long vacations. That way, I can avoid over- and underpacking. Especially now that I have a baby, there are so much more things that has been added to that list.

Shopping/Grocery List. Here’s one list that would save you money – IF you stick to the list. I have a list of items that my pantry should have inside the pantry. When grocery time comes, I just look at it and list the items that needs to be purchased. One more tip: try to eat before going to the grocery. You will pretty much stick to your list if you’re not hungry. A bag of Lay’s doesn’t look that much appealing when you feel full.

Question List. As I said, I tend to forget things. Sometimes when I’m talking to someone I forget what I should’ve asked or told them so I keep a list of that, too. This pretty much applies to me when I go to my doctor or Jack Jack’s pediatrician.

Itinerary List. When our family travels, I try to make a list of our itinerary. It helps me prepare the stuff I need to bring (traveling list) and saves time and money during the trip.

Normally, I’d list it down on my phone because it’s always with me but you can list it on paper if you wish. I have a list for each place I go to. If I need to buy something from the drugstore, bookstore or mall, I list them down separately. That way, when I’m in the drugstore, I know what list I should pull out and all the items I need to pick up will be right in front of me.

What things do you usually list? Santa’s got one so I guess everyone should have it, too.

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