Letting Go

To start the new year off, posting my new year’s resolution appears to be appropriate. It isn’t a big one because I think it would be more successful if I’d start with a small one.

Being lazy and meticulous is hard. Since I can’t mix both, I’ve chosen to be lazy. Pretty cool, huh?! It’s been almost three months since I’m without a househelp and I’m very proud to say I’m on top of my laundry and my sink is shining as ever! However, except for the bathroom, you can’t expect the house to be clean. I really can’t figure out how my mother did it in her days!

Since I don’t have enough time, I’ve chosen to let the cleaning slip a bit. I try to clean a bit here and there and I’m happy just like that. At least, some cleaning can be done.

I also got used to shop for clothes that doesn’t need pressing so most of the clothes are just folded and put away in the closets. Jack Jack’s clothes are just folded since he’s already past 1. There are only a few clothes that needs pressing and they are hanging in the closet waiting for ironing day – maybe next year.

Jack Jack doesn’t need to be sleeping when I do housework. He’s actually helping me do some of it. I really don’t want him to do chores yet but he’s very reluctant to help out. You can ask him throw away a piece of paper in the trash can and push the laundry baskets (I love that mine have wheels!) around. He’ll also wipe his table clean and help me do the grocery. Though not that clean – I’m glad he’s willing to learn. Well, he kind of slows me down a bit but I’m pretty sure he’d be helping me out when he’s big enough.

I’ve also chosen to let my full-time job go. It was hard for me at first that I didn’t talk about it here. I took the job because I wanted to work at home and be with my son. But since I have to get the chores done, I send Jack Jack to my mother a few days a week so I can work and do chores. So the whole idea of being with Jack Jack is not working anymore. Besides that, I missed him so bad. Here he is doing some wiping.

I’ve chosen to let some things slip by without a fuss (or at least I try not to). If I don’t, I’d go crazy! Have your priorities identified and work from there. This will give you more time to spend on people and things you love most!

So what’s your resolution this year?

The Lazy Mama

I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff.

  • Jessi

    I think those are GREAT resolutions. I’m sorry about letting your job go but it sounds like it’s best for you and your son!

    My resolutions were simple: read more books and I love to read so I’m going to do it.

    Oh, and get pregnant! lol

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