Baby Tripod

I’ve always liked taking pictures. Not a fan of DSLR though – no offense to people who are. They take wonderful pictures and I admire how they could just capture those special moments. I just don’t like bulky cameras. I’m more of a point-and-shoot girl.

Speaking of bulky… During our honeymoon, a friend asked me who was taking all the pictures? I jokingly told her we brought a photographer along. Ha! Truth is, we brought a tripod along. A bulky tripod. But we got through it. Got all the pictures we needed. More than the pictures we needed. The tripod was a gift from a friend. We do appreciate that they gave us the tripod and it’s still serving us well up to now. However, it’s still bulky. Remember, we need to bring it along. It takes so much space in the bags when traveling. It’s great if there’s no one to take the picture for you and you got nothing to put the camera on. We also use it for the videocam – nobody wants to be behind the camera. Worked great on the sandy beach, too!

I was doing my usual window shopping the other day. Looking for a great find at Daiso – a local Dollar Store I guess. Then I found this baby!

Without hesitation or second thoughts I grabbed it and paid for it at the counter. Not exactly grabbed and paid. Grabbed, window shopped, grabbed little books for Jack Jack, window shopped some more and purchased. It’s only P88!!! I’m betting I’d pay more than P500 if I buy it from a gadget store. Aaah… I love Daiso.

When I got home, I tried it without the camera on. Camera was borrowed by my brother so I didn’t get the chance to put it on right away.

I thought it would be unstable because it looks like it (but what the heck! it’s cheap!) but it was sturdy. However, with the camera on it’s side – for portrait shots, it’s a bit wobbly so be careful where you are going to place it on if you’re taking portrait shots.

It’s so small and perfect for those times when you can’t find someone to hold the camera and you forgot to bring the other tripod. I think I could fit this into the other pocket of my camera pouch. So looking forward to using it next time!

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