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We’re currently renting out a house and I know that sooner or later we’d be moving. Still, I have been “nesting” these couple of months and has just started organizing the kitchen. So, above you’ll see one of my cupboards for plastic containers. I know that they’re not green at all but it works pretty well for me and I’d rather reuse them than throw them away. I got most of them from food delivery – which I’m really trying to cut back on. Glad to say that I’ve been able to minimize them to once every other week because of menu planning.

Most of the time I use containers in the kitchen. I use them from frozen poultry to marinated pork barbeque to the leftover pork sinigang up to the calamansi in the crisper box (I’ll show you in a future post). I like them square or rectangle and transparent. This way it saves me space and lets me know what’s inside it. I still label them with the dates and all so I think being transparent just makes it look “together.”

I used to stack containers together and the lids in nearby container. The containers are usually at the same size so the lids can be interchangeable except for the ones that differ in shapes. However, the lids can sometimes get lost or I tossed one away because it’s broken so it’s either I have too much of the other and one container is out of lid.

What I did lately was to toss the containers that are already broken and give away the ones that I don’t like anymore. I have a lot of these containers and I don’t use them all anyway. Then I store them with their lid on. After using, the containers are washed and dried and stored again. Works great for me although you might think this takes so much space in the cupboard. However, this way, I don’t lose the lids and they fit perfectly because lids don’t get swapped with other containers.

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