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Being on hiatus for almost 2 months, I believe it is just about right that I explain myself without wasting blogspace. I know I have let go of my online job last year and it would appear that I should have enough time for blogging. Not!

Right about the time I let my job go, we started a project at home. I’m going to tell you all about it once I have enough time to write it all down. I want to give it to you in detail and of course with something that you will be able to use in the future. The project got a bit more demanding these last few days and without a househelp, things are just crazy. Luckily, I was able to hire a new one last month but as any new hires, training is necessary. Believe me, she needs a LOT of training!

Lastly, Jack Jack was diagnosed with primary complex last January. I wanted to focus on administering his medication to complete the 6 months required and also his transition to eating solid foods.  He’s a bit picky with what he eats but then again that’s another blog post.

There are a number of ways to administer medication to babies/toddlers. Try to make the experience as fun as possible so your child will look forward to it everyday.

NEVER. EVER. Force the medication to your baby. Ever wonder why you hated taking medications? Are you one of those kids that got their nose pinched when they are given their medications or vitamins? That’s trauma. Do that to your kid and he’ll hate it forever.

Taste the medication. Most medications nowadays, come in different flavors. Try to get the flavor that you child will most likely want. You don’t like swallowing something that your taste buds hate,  do you?

Use a medicator/dropper. This usually works for children under 1 year old. Try to squeeze out the medicine out of the dropper away from the tongue. This way, they don’t get to taste the medicine – yet.

A syringe could probably be easier to use than a dropper. But of course, you don’t need to attach a needle for this. There’s this one time that my kid won’t take his vitamins or medication from anything but the syringe. He thinks it’s fun to sip (yeah, he sips it!) the syringe.

While busy. You can also administer the medication or vitamins while your kid is playing or bathing. Anything for them to take it right? Sometimes, they just wants to get over the deed as fast as  possible so they can continue whatever it is they are doing.

For my kid, when he turned 1, he pushes away the medicator and the dropper. Apparently, he prefers to use a teaspoon. If you are going to use the teaspoon, practice holding the spoon in the most secure way. Then administer the medicine. This way, not one drop of medicine will be spilled in case he pushes it away.

Little Jack Jack has always enjoyed taking his medications and I hope we would complete the 6 months without going past this point but if the above does not work for your child, you can always try the following:

  • Mix the medication to a favorite flavored juice. The juice should mask the undesired medicine taste.
  • Ask your pediatrician for another way of administering the medicine without passing through the mouth. This might cost you more but then any parent would do anything for his/her child.

LAST TIP: Lahat ay nadadaan sa mabuting usapan (Anything can be negotiated). The same goes with your kid. They’re people too you know. Even if they don’t talk yet.

    So far, so good. We’re almost done with our second month of the medication. Some of it were given by the pediatrician and some were from our local health center (this is just one way of utilizing the money you paid for taxes). I just hope we would get past this and he’d be cleared of primary complex.

    I got to trick my kid this way. I hope you do too! Share your stories below.

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