Keeping Your Freezer Cool

These days are about the hottest I have ever experienced. I think it’s even hotter than the 90’s El Nino. I don’t sweat much while Big J and Jack Jack would sweat even in an air conditioned room so I really hate it when the temperature gets even a bit hot. When my skin would feel sticky, they’d be sweating like crazy. Can you imagine the temperature getting as high as 40 degrees Celsius in Manila?

One of the things that worries us breastfeeding moms is our breastmilk stash. We need to keep our supplies cool up until the time we need them. That means that breastmilk should be frozen until they are thawed and should not be frozen again. In addition to this, we have hours-long rotating power interruptions regularly implemented due to critically low supply.

Not only you will want to keep your liquid gold unspoiled but also your frozen food. Keep your freezer’s temperature down by following these tips:

1. Keep your freezer door closed. If the door is closed, the freezer would be kept cool.

2. Post a freezer inventory on the door. The list will show you what’s in the freezer without opening the door. Once you’ve decided what’s for dinner, open the door, grab what you need and shut it.

3. Keep your freezer full. Having a full freezer would mean that more food would keep the freezer cool. Making it more susceptible to heat even if the door would open occasionally during the power interruption. On a side note, this does not apply to your fridge so don’t have too much stuff in there.

4. Make lots of ice. If you don’t want to fill the freezer with food or you’re still waiting for market day, make lots of ice. In exchange for frozen food, ice will keep your freezer cool.

5. Freeze your ice packs, cooling element, fridge-to-go, etc. In exchange for ice, you can use this IF you already have them. You will probably use them when headache strikes from the sudden temperature change or during a trip to the beach.

Shoot me a message if you have some more tips to add.

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