I remember scheduling this post but then I just saw it sitting in the Drafts folder. It’s probably just a glitch or maybe my memory just failed me. It’s pretty much the latter.

Next to the fridge, the microwave has got to be my favorite kitchen appliance. Since the time it was invented, I think it is now a staple in the kitchen especially for lazy people like me. You can see it in those mini kitchen of hotel suites. Probably because it is compact and useful.

Since we just moved into the new house, this is one of the appliances that’s getting it’s mileage. We use it around 4-5 times a day. The kettle I cannot find (what, will all the boxes of stuff we have? – so much for organization!) so this serves as the kettle as well. Just place the water in a microwave oven safe container and we’re warming water. Yes, warm is enough for coffee. I’m scared to boil water in the microwave.

Anyways, I haven’t cooked a dish yet in the microwave since we moved in. I was able to cook lasagna way way back when the microwave first hit the market and my Mom bought one for the house.

It just got busy this week. I was not expecting that my to-do list would grow exponentially in such short notice. Well, I know it would but not this much! Cooking has also been the last thing on my mind especially that the stove isn’t working yet. Ask why so from my contractor who estimated short on the gas hose. At least, the microwave gave me the chance to heat food and have coffee, too.

Now, back to crossing out items from the list!

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