SSS Maternity Benefit Part 1: How to avail?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I just checked my links for the forms and it seems that the Official Website of the Office of the President is under construction currently down. I know I should host the forms but I’m lazy, remember? Besides, it would be a waste of web space redundant to host it if there’s like a ton of sites that are hosting the forms.

August 16, 2010 UPDATE: The Official Website of the Office of the President and Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is now online!

Since I started working, I had social security. I applied for one along with my then newbie colleagues. We were all newly grads. Never really mattered to me. It’s just one requirement I had to accomplish, I thought.

Then I’ve heard about companies who collects the contributions from employees but the contributions never reaches SSS. From then on, I checked on it regularly to verify that the companies I’m working for were really forwarding my contributions to the system.  I’m glad they never missed any months. It’s going to be a big problem if they did.

Since I gave birth to Jack Jack, I would usually get questions from friends regarding the SSS Maternity Benefit. I’m not complaining. In fact, I would often ask preggy friends if they are actively contributing. If you are regularly contributing, then by all means, avail of this benefit. Otherwise, I hope your medical card would cover your hospital bills upon giving birth or you are on your own.

They have the following requirements for you to avail of the SSS Maternity Benefit:

  • Female members only (Of course!).
  • Member have given birth or had miscarriage.
  • This is one of member’s first four deliveries or miscarriage.
  • Member must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12 month period immediately preceding the semester of childbirth or miscarriage. You can verify your contributions by logging into the SSS Online Inquiry website or go to your nearest SSS Branch.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant, file a Maternity Notification form through your Human Resources department (if employed) or through any SSS Branch near you (if voluntary). Do this no more than 60 days from the date of conception. Bring your Pregnancy Test or Ultrasound Report.

I have heard of other Moms being able to file the Maternity Notification form even if it is way past 60 days or even after giving birth. But they went through some hoops before they were able to do so. Or it was just easy because they knew one SSS employee. Better safe than sorry. File it early!

When it’s time to collect your maternity benefit, you will now submit a Maternity Reimbursement form along with the requirements detailed in the document from the link. Once again, you submit this to your Human Resources Department, if you are employed. Some employers give out the check before you give birth while some after. I think it’s because of this rule from SSS:

Maternity benefits must be advanced by the employer to the employee within 30 days from the filing of the maternity leave application.

For voluntary members, you need to wait until after the birth before you can collect your check. Sorry.

Tips for Voluntary or Self Employed Members:

  • Try to go to an SSS Branch as early as possible. The early bird catches the worm.
  • Go to an SSS Branch that is far from business establishments. They have far less lines, I noticed.
  • If you need to change your status, do this. And then claim/request for a new ID before filing for the Maternity Benefit. It will save you a lot of “run arounds” from government employees.
  • I’m not sure if there was an option to pickup the check from the SSS Branch. However, my check was sent through the post office. Mr. Nice Postman did not deliver it to our house even if it was already sitting in his desk for a week. I had to go back to SSS for a follow up and I was redirected to the post office. I claimed my check from the Mr. Nice Postman himself. Saw him pull it right out of his drawer.

Next week, I’m writing about Maternity Benefit Computation.

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  • Norvaia P. Charassi

    i have a 9 months consecutive payments in sss as monthly payments as self employed for this year 2011.can i avail maternity benefits as a member? my expected delivery on or before december 1,2011.

    thanks &more power…

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks for the sweet words, Norvaia. As long as your contributions were made within the 12 month period before the semester of contingency, I believe you should get something. However, it is still best to call their number to inquire.

  • lhea a. de leon

    im pregnant and about to deliver on august .I resigned from my previous job last july2011 and Ive stayed there for about 1year and 3 months . I want to know if i can avail sss maternity benefit ? i hope i can have clarifications…thanks and more powers…

  • Geraldine Bacus

    Im 20weeks pregnant now im selfpayor of SSS for 10 Years and an OFW just i know recently that we have to file maternity notification within 60days . My question is are we still qualified to file a maternity notification if its beyond 60 days? Im an OFW here in Saudi arabia ang its hard for us female to go alone outside to facilitate this documents. Thanks

  • Vanne

    how long does the check was released after you filed the reimbursement? thanks

  • liza velasco

    i’m 28,and have 2 youngest son is n0w 6 yrs.old.i wasn’t able to claim my maternity benefit since i just started my sss contributions last 2010 and still active at i still have chance to use my maternity benefits on my 3rd child,if in case?

  • Mary Jane Paa

    bkt po lst n mganak ako nong aug 28 2011 cs po ko non pero ang nkuha k 21000 lng po? anu po ba ung computation maternity leave at sickness ?

  • Mary Jane Paa

    this time im giving birth this coming dec 19 2012? im cs procedure again? before im giving birth again my sss contribution is more than 1 year? My gross pay is only 8500 every pay day..

  • leonila p bautista

    i had a miscarriage, but i did not file a claim, is it counted?

  • katrina Fineza


    I have already filed my M1 form, my expected delivery date is on January 2013, I’m no longer employed but I’ve had contributions from 2007 up to April 2012 and i already stopped working since then. Do you think I’m covered? and how long was the reimbursement period after you gave birth if you’re not employed?

    Thank you so much and more power to you Lazy Mama!

  • Mira Torres

    Hi, I just want to ask if you happen to know the timetable for SSS to reimburse? I’m a separated/voluntary member and already filed for the maternity reimbursement. I was told that it usually takes 45 days as mandated by SSS but since they received a lot of calamity loans application, (filed on September 2012), I was informed that it may take 60 days or more. Is it possible that other branches may accommodate my claims in two weeks? I’ve read on some posts that the longest processing time is within two weeks of filing. I have filed my claims at SSS Pasig. Any chance I could received the reimbursement at least within 45 days or do I really have to wait for 60 days?

  • Emily GodornesUbod

    Good Evening! I am 6 month old pregnant and my expected delivery date will be sometime on February 2013. I just gave birth on February 14, 2012. I contributed back to sss on the month of March 2012 until May 2012. From June 2012 until September 2012 I had stopped contributing for I was unemployed. Last month which is October 2012, I was back with my sss contribution and I am currently employed. Can I and my baby still avail for sss Maternity benefits? If not due to the inconsistency of my contribution for the past 12 months, can I pay those 4 months that I was out directly to your sss branch in my area?

    Thank You so much and more power!

  • lowela cabsag

    ask q0h lng poh if pwede pa poh b aq0h s maternity benefits q0h? D qoh n nga lng poh tnuloy magasikaso ngaun balak q0h ul8 i2loy 7m0nths n baby q0h n0w and ndi aq0h nkaasikaso ng mat-1 pwide b diretso mat-2 na? Pkisagot tan0ng q0h need q0h lng poh.

  • lowela cabsag

    ung august last year poh nag inquire n poh aq0h s branch mlap8 sa amin qualified naman dw me s maternity ang kaso ang pin0broblema q0h ung mat-1 ndi q0h naackaso ung buntis aq0h plz pakisagot ng tan0ng q0h need q0h lng tlaga ng ksagutan.

  • mary ann cabanela

    pwede po baq mag file ng maternity loan,kahit 14 mnths naqng nag stop maghulog sa sss,6 mnths preggy na po aq,pro 40 mnths na cont.q sa sss

  • Maricris centus

    I was end of contract on oct 31, 2010. I was conceived march 2011 and i gave birth on nov 25,2011. Did i avail my maternity benefit even now i plan to file?pls answer me

  • Josephine Garrido

    I want to ask if I could still avail maternity benefits where in my case, I am already working for 1 year with my employer but they are not deducting SSS to my salary which I used to complain before, A month ago I confess to them that I am already pregnant, sadly lately, the doctor said that I am experiencing sub-chorionic hemorrhage that will lead to my miscarriage since the baby was not develop and I have to undergo “raspa” would I still be able to file maternity notification and could they paid the employer paid part of the contribution before I will be hospitalized anytime. please answer I am worried. Thank you!

  • Madelene Geronimo

    hi! how long before naissue yung check mo for maternity benefit? thank you!

  • lyn

    ask q lng how many days makukuha maternity benefits after mo m submit maternity reimbursement form (MAT 2)at ibang requirements?pwede bng authorized representative mgsubmit ng requirements after manganak?

  • cheenie

    Can I still file maternity benefit even if I have tem sss id?

  • agata

    can i still apply a maternity ? my due date 1s on july 11, 2013. But the problem is i was not able to contribute month of jan to march 2013 as a quarterly. my last contributions made was december, i have to contribute month of april to june 2013.i just want ot put the months i had missed.

  • abbie eunice

    ask ko lng po if my mkukuha po aq kc,pRegnant po aq ngaun last po n hulog ko is september 2012,manganak aq dis oct.

  • grace gurbuxani

    this is my fifth delivery, can i just ask if i can still vail the maternity??this is my first time to loan and im empployes until now in a private sss philhealth an pagibig are all active..18 months all..kindly help

    thanks in advance

  • marivic ares

    ask lang po aq unang contribution q po ay april 2013.. i wi l continue my contribution til i retired..expctd dlivery q po ay january 2014..maka avail pa kaya aq ng maternity?

  • MA. LU S. GER

    my expected is oct.,2013,,sss voluntary member,,my payment is quarterly,i already paid jan-mar 2013.but i wasnt able to pay april-june 2013,can i avail maternity benefits,,ty

  • Marie

    Hi, How long did you wait before you check with SSS re: your check? I am a voluntary member too and my SSS online already says my Maternity Benefit is “Settled” as of July 31, 2013. You think I can follow up after 2 weeks? Many thanks!

  • Erika Maris Barriga

    Good day!
    This are my SSS contributions. I am expecting my second baby on December 2013. Can I avail for the maternity benefits?

    2012 Nov – 1144 2013 Jan – 1144
    Dec – 1144 MAr – 1144
    Apr – 1144
    June- 728
    July- 728
    Thank you.
    Erika Maris Barriga recently posted..Biting and Breastfeeding

  • apple

    Can i get a maternity benefit even if i just hired for 3 months only?
    or 3 months after i gave birth,,

    here is my situation.
    i hired on a company on August 20 2012 to Nov 31 2012 .i need to file a resignation for the month of november due to high risk in pregnancy,, and i gave birth last may 16 2013, my baby now is turning 4months.and im back to work again.
    can i still apply for this benefit?


  • jackfruit

    hi, ka ka start ko lang po mag work( this dec 2013 lang)and start contributing this jan. 2014,and this month lang (feb 2014) na confirm pregnant ako, meron kaya ako makukuha if mag file ako ng maternity notification?please help. TY!!
    jackfruit recently posted..Biting and Breastfeeding

  • rhodora

    hi nag file na ako ng mat 2 ko last april 22,, kilan ko po kaya makukuha yung check ko?

  • ahnaa

    can i still submit maternity notification even if i’m 10 weeks pregnant?

  • ahnaa

    is it atleast 60days right?hindi naman need na kelangan sakto pano pag sumobra?can i still file maternity notification?

  • joy

    6 months preggy po ako… balak ko po sana mag voluntary self employe sss para mk pag file ng maternity load… puwede po ba yun? Tnx

  • cheng

    Hi i just wanna ask. Kc since 2008 member na ko ng sss but hindi continous ung contrubution ko. My last contribution is jan 2014. And im about to give birth on march 2015. Can i still avail the maternity benefit?
    thanks and god bless

  • angeline

    I am 5 months pregnant, currently employed to a financing company. How will I avail the maternity benefits/leave? my expected delivery will be on february 2 20,15.thaks

  • girly conol

    hi mag tatanong lang po ako’nag start po ako bilang member ng sss nuong nag tatrbaho po ako sa gaisano mall iligan noong 2012 nga 4moths lang po yon nahulogan ang sss ko kasi na buntis po ako at hindi po ako nag file ng maternity at noong june 2013 nag work po ako ulit sa tendline at nahulogan po ulit ung sss ko ng 5months bali 9months lahat ng anhulog at ngayon po maari po va akung maka file ng maternity kasi buntis po akongayon ng 7 months ngayon’

  • Irish Caballes

    i was contributed to SSS last year for the whole year and now I stopped for the month of January 2015 because my contract was ended, and my expected delivery is on April 13,2015.. can I still avail the Maternity benefit??

    1. The Lazy Mama

      I think yes. But it is still best to confirm this with SSS.

  • Irish Caballes

    from January 2014 to June 2014 –I contributed to SSS
    August 2014 to December 2014– i contributed to SSS, then now I am 6months pregnant and my expected delivery is on April 13,2015 but for this year 2015 starting month of January I stopped contributing to SSS it’s all because my contract has been ended, Can I still avail the SSS? or I’ll continue contributing to SSS by means of voluntary coz I am no longer employed.. THANK YOU AND MORE POWER

  • Julie Ann

    i have 5 months contribution this year i will have my baby on november. But the sss said taht i cannot avail maternity benefit. Because I should have paid my sss contribution last april and may this year . can I pay it voluntarily to avail sss maternity benefit ?
    Julie Ann recently posted..Biting and Breastfeeding

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