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As promised, I’m going to share with you a bit of our house construction journey. Like any other house construction or renovation, it did not go as smoothly. There were always bumps along the way.

After we had our plans drawn, we had to find the contractor that would fit the job but is budget friendly. We opted for a labor-only contractor. He’s the type who did not ask for a 50% down payment only that he needs a little bit of funding for his people’s mobility.

Next, our building permit took almost 3 months before it was approved by the city engineers. It has to go through a looooooot of people. Permit came out before Christmas. And all along I thought they were waiting for Christmas…

Anyways, we were able to finish the house right before the classes started. Well, for some schools, yeah. It took more than half the year for them to finish everything. The labor contractor did everything except for the roofing and painting. All-in-all we were satisfied with the price. But the quality? Some of the finishing has to suffer, I’m not sure why. Though things got slower when we started working on the finishing.

Since the construction was delayed, we had to extend renting the house we were staying at. Thus, adding more costs to us. When we can’t extend our stay to that house, we had to move back to hubby’s family home and put some of our stuff there and some at my Mom’s. Now, I don’t know where’s what. I ended up frying using a cake slicer!

I think part of having a big project like this is the heartache especially when you’re not working with people who are perfectionists. The imperfections brought us (but I guess it’s more on me) so much pain that it depresses me at times. There are also times when I wanted to scream, throw fists and kick somebody’s face (no crying – I just can’t) because of frustration. I wished I had more budget for the project so I could afford the most expensive architect and that I wouldn’t have to worry about it too much. But my Mom told me, “Even if you get the most expensive contractor, you’d still need to monitor their work closely. Otherwise, there would still be problems that you’d find out after.”

She was sooo dead right! I got to talk to a friend who’s renovating her condo unit and she’s got the same problem with her contractor. The only difference is that she hired a high priced contractor.

Times like this it’s really hard to trust people. But you know, I got to meet really nice people. Except for the contractor, unfortunately. I got to meet vendors who are trustworthy and professionals. Somehow, I missed dealing with them despite the headaches and the hair pulling that occurred. They gave me good deals and advices on some construction stuff. What made me really happy is that I learned a lot in the process. And I’d be willing to do it all over again. I’d be doing some tweaking though.

Hubby and I got to sleep at our new “home sweet home” on the floor using one of our bed foams. Boy, it is the best sleep we have ever had.

“Welcome to house ownership!” I told Big J after the master bedroom ceiling leaked of water when the rain poured heavily.

Our first project was fixing the leak from the roofdeck. See, that genius contractor of ours forgot to mention that the roofdeck was leaking. I know for a fact he knows because some of the ceilings has water marks and he assured me that those weren’t from the roofdeck. He said it got wet when they were finishing the firewall on that side and the water hose got the water in. Poor water hose – he got all the blame for this. A week after, he changed those water marked ceilings though he refused to when I told him to. Now, I know exactly why he changed it. Liar.

What’s really bugging me is that we are willing to pay for the materials needed had he told us that there was a problem with the roofdeck. But no, he decided to keep it from us. Anyways, here’s an image of the roofdeck after Big J and I sealed the cracks.

We used RJ Roof Sealer to seal the cracks. You can choose other colors if you wish and you can leave it as is without cement topping since it is rubberized. It comes in a 4 Liter bucket, ready to apply once opened. No mixing needed. I love how easy it is to apply. We used a 4 inch paint brush but you can use a roller brush if you wish. Apply it in a criss-cross pattern – first coat horizontal, second coat vertical (I hope I said that clear enough). It’s basically used for roof decks to seal cracks and leaks. So far, it does not leak anymore. If this goes on for 2 more months, we’ll buy more to cover the whole deck area.We’re leak-proof now!

The house isn’t completely finished yet. If I may add, we don’t have the budget for painting yet. So, we just moved in without color. Our plan now is to do the painting ourselves. You know, every weekend, we can concentrate on painting one part of the house and then once it’s finished we move on to another part. Until, the whole house is finished.

I will update you with more of our projects in the coming weeks. You see, this is really fun. I’ve turned from BIY (Buy It Yourself) to DIY (Do It Yourself)!

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