Pork Liempo

No, you’re not imagining things. If you’re seeing food on my page, then you are right at Lazy Mama’s. I know it’s pretty unusual for me to cook straight – seven days a week. Much more to post a recipe. Probably the reason why I have not yet been successful with my menu planning. There are times that I would just reheat the leftovers from the fridge or sometimes take out food – from other people’s houses.

Pork Liempo is pan broiled pork in garlic and vinegar then fried to crispiness. I know the image does not look healthy at all. It’s pork, by the way. But this is a favorite meal for Big J and I. For the recipe, please click over the image for a copy. I’ve uploaded my recipe at Kitchen Monki.

Let me talk a bit about Kitchen Monki. It is a free application that allows you to compile your recipes online, do menu planning and creates a grocery list for whatever you have on your menu plan. Sound cool, huh?! You don’t need to register if you’re already on Facebook.

Even if Pork Liempo is one of our favorite home-cooked meals, sometimes I still have to drag myself cooking this because of the way it leaves the pan. Cooking this recipe would surely give you a hard time shining your pan.

But wait, don’t scrub the pan yet after cooking. If you have leftover rice, you will want to fry them on the pan using the leftover oil. Just season with salt, a little toss and turn… voila! Fried rice! See, I told you I don’t cook.

Another thing that hinders me from cooking this is the oil splatter. I’m happy I was able to recover my tongs and my splatter guard from a box that is NOT labeled “kitchen.” The boxes if you’ll see is an organized failure. Duh!

To clean the pan, just leave the pan half-full with water for an hour. I don’t want to leave you scratching your head with a dirty pan. I mean scratching your head while figuring out how to clean your pan.

I still need a lot of practice in the kitchen. I’m learning new recipes and hopefully, I could share it with you again in the future. If you like this recipe, please do rate it over at Kitchen Monki.

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