Lazy Mama’s First Birthday

I was cramming these last two weeks because I couldn’t think of a good post for my first year. I can’t believe Lazy Mama is a year old!

I have lots of plans. I’ve started with my new twitter account. The old one seems to be all over everywhere and I just wanted to keep it together that’s why I changed it. I’ll keep @twiggerlily until I’ve weeded out the spam twits and transferred the followers completely to @TheLazyMama. I’m not telling what my other plans are. It’s a secret for now.

I know I’m not religious when it comes to blogging. Sometimes almost a month would pass without hearing from me. But that’s just me. I’m really changing that bad habit of mine.

I’ve got what? 42 posts in a span of a year. I wish to increase that number next year so I’d make myself better in blogging.

Oh hey! It’s my birthday, right? So, I’m going to put my feet up and laze today. Please don’t bother me. It’s what I do best!

The Lazy Mama

I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff.

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