Brush! Brush! Brush!

Since I was a kid, my parents thought me to brush my teeth everyday. You might say it is not so important when all they have are temporary teeth – thinking they’re going to fall off anyway. Well, think of this. If they start off with bad teeth, they’re going to have bad teeth all their life because they never learned how to take care of them.

I was too young to remember exactly how they started it although my oldest memory is that of my Dad brushing my teeth for me. I guess that is really how they start it, normally. They do the brushing themselves but often times kids does not want to open their mouth. What would you do?

Watch this or this video with your kid. (Or find other videos of kids brushing their teeth.) Don’t forget to bring his toothbrush with you while watching!

My kid loves these songs and videos that during the first times we would sing or watch this with him. Eventually, he got used to the idea of brushing his teeth regularly that when he sees me reaching for my own toothbrush, he asks for his as well.


  • Start early. As soon as they are eating solid foods, I believe it is time they learn how to brush their teeth. NOTE: If you’re not exclusively breastfeeding, cleaning their teeth should be done earlier. Formula milk contains sugar that cause tooth decay.
  • Make sure that it’s fun for them. DO NOT enforce brushing their teeth if they are not yet ready. The more they refuse it, the more that the habit will not be enforced.
  • Give them training toothbrush for their first toothbrush session. Even if they just play with/hit with/throw it, the idea is to make it a habit.
  • When there’s toothbrush, there should be toothpaste. Either Pigeon or Sansfluo (our favorite flavor is Strawberry), make sure it is the non flouride.
  • Praise them everytime they brush their teeth.
  • Have a rewarding system.

How did you train your kid to brush their teeth? Do you have other ways/tips?

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  • RONE

    My older son loves to brush and floss but my younger one needs to be prodded. They love the Hapee toothpaste for kids, that is my saving grace. My big rule is that only boys that brush can eat cookies and that usually does the trick. But despite all that my 3-year-old needs a root canal.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Oh wow! Do they really give root canals for 3 year olds? I didn’t know that!

      1. RONE

        Sorry for the super late reply. Yes they do give root canals to little kids. They really try to save the tooth unlike our time when they’d just pull it out. It was done last Friday and was a lot easier than I expected.

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