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Since the start of the month, I noticed a lot of breastfeeding events in the metro. I wanted to go but I just started working full time and just looking after Jack Jack is already a handful. I know it’s no excuse so I promised myself I’d go to one of them. Even to just one support group meeting.

Last week, I received an invite from UNICEF to attend the “You & Me & Mommy: We all support our Breastfeeding Mommies” event. Now, who am I to say no to them?

In order to attend, I finished most of my work before Friday came. Even my Mom was on board. She was with me most of the week to look after Jack Jack – I can’t send Jack Jack away with her since he’s on antibiotics for the week. He caught something in the air and he’s having cough and colds on and off. We thought it best to stay together so I could always pass on my antibodies to him through nursing. On normal days though, I’d send him off to stay with my Mom for 2-4 days.

Getting to the event became a challenge with the traffic and the parking dilemma. All of it disappeared when I saw how huge the event was and how many mothers and expecting mothers there are! And guess what?! Not one milk company sponsored it! Gladness! Even my Mom was enjoying herself. I guess she was mesmerized at how wonderful breastfeeding is.

The event was hosted by Patricia Bermudez Hizon. She was also a nursing mom. As a fan of Urban Zone and breastfeeding advocate, I got excited when I saw Daphne’s name on the kit handed down to me by the organizers. She is UNICEF’s Special Advocate for Children. She wasn’t there but I wish I got to meet her though. In the future, perhaps.

The event  featured a talk with Abbie Yabot (Certified La Leche League Leader, breastfeeding educator and my breastfeeding mentor) regarding the benefits of breastfeeding and how to be successful in breastfeeding, Jenny Ong from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom also discussed of going back to work while continuing breastfeeding, two Dads shared their part while their wives are nursing their child and an extended nurser beauty queen Nuriza Abeja-Bungubung breastfeeding testimonials.

Other activities during the event also included Touch Therapy by Johnson & Johnson, a Diaper Dads Game, featuring of essential breastfeeding items and a nursing wear fashion show. I had to force myself to look away before I was able to buy any item. I’m trying my very best to be frugal these days. But don’t worry about me. I got lucky and won a nursing top. Yipee!

Towards the middle of the event, Jack Jack asked to be nursed to which I gladly gave into. He slept through the rest of the event.

An epiphany:

Three years ago, when I was pregnant still with Jack Jack and researching about breastfeeding, the only people I can turn to are the breastfeeding moms online from around the world. There were just a few of us and it frustrates us when we hear breastfeeding myths being advised and passed on by people around the breastfeeding mother. This sometimes results to either mixed feeding the baby or weaning the baby early from the breast.

As I always tell my online breastfeeding support group, breastfeeding has really made a big jump from where it was 3 years ago. Even if there is little money made from a breastfeeding campaign compared to the millions worth of formula milk campaign, it is really beginning to grow. You can see this from the growing market of breastfeeding stuff available now. I don’t think there’d be any if nobody’s breastfeeding – now that’s a thought. And seeing new breastfeeding promotional videos, breastfeeding gear, a new line of nursing wear or even the milk code being passed and approved makes me feel that the campaign we are all working on – no matter how small it is – is taking its baby steps towards a longer breastfeeding relationship between the mother and baby.

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The Lazy Mama

I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff.

  • Jenny

    hi carol! thanks for coming! did you stay until after? sayang, we could’ve met. yes. was busy kase naima was having tantrums kase she didn’t sleep her usual 2 hours and i also had an exhibit :D next time!

    1. The Lazy Mama

      yeah, we stayed pa to claim my prize. jack jack slept half the time kaya he’s a bit behaved. next time talaga!

  • Pink Magaline

    I never thought there were more mommy blogger who came that day. Sayang dear. I shall come again to the next mommy event, though. That time, try to hit me if I didn’t recognize you. Hihi.

  • Pink Magaline

    mommy bloggers* pala..

    hey sis.. visit mo naman Pink MagaLine if you have time.. i have a monthly giveaway so try to join na den.. just follow, comment and win!! see ya :D

    1. The Lazy Mama

      sis… forgot to mention i’m from GT din. kaya natuwa ako when i saw your post about the breastfeeding event. and, i have you on my google reader. sana manalo rin ako. hihi!

  • Nona D. Andaya-Castillo, IBCLC

    congratulations for breastfeeding your baby. do you know that former supreme court chief justice and philippine ambassador to the UN hilario davide was breastfed for 4 years? i hope you can continue breastfeeding your son. it was so touching to hear justice davide profess how he loves his mom SO MUCH!

    anyhow, just also want to let you know that there are only 5 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in the country and i am the only one who is not a medical doctor. i call myself the bust conductor :-)

    i met abby in another forum where we were both speakers and encouraged her to take the international board but for the record, she is not an IBCLC.

    i am using this specialization when i face senate and congress hearings and other venues that need special expertise to give weight to my testimonies. it also required so much from me just to be able to use the title IBCLC (e.g. medical terminology exam, 2500 hours of breastfeeding counseling, expenses to attend trainings abroad, etc.) so i just want to request you to be careful in using this term.

    thanks and God bless your efforts in empowering women and parents!

    Nona D. Andaya-Castillo, IBCLC
    The Breastfeeding Clinic
    7014429 and 7014430

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thank you for your comment, Miss Nona. Since I knew Abbie through LLLI years ago and I believe she was also going through training for that as well, I thought she’s got her certification already. I knew there were 5 IBCLC’s in the Philippines although I have never seen a complete list. I really do appreciate that you have informed me. I have modified my post accordingly. Thanks for your time and I hope to meet you in person someday. Perhaps in another event. Godspeed!

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