Mirror, Mirror on my Master Bathroom Wall…

Before the construction ended last June, we were scouting for mirrors to put in for the bathrooms, dressers, shower enclosure and pantry door. All of which have been finalized in the design area except for the mirror for the master bath.

See the image above? That’s how my master bathroom double vanity looks like. No mirror. I’d really like to put a mirror on that wall but then I’m not sure what size and shape is going to be perfect. See, those decorative tiles are a bit too narrow and would be a waste if the mirror would be too big that it covers them. It looks a little bit off if the size of the mirror is just within the decorative tiles and also boring. Or is it just me? I was also thinking of placing two mirrors since it is a double vanity – but then, in what shape would it be?

I’m also looking at these new mirror ideas over at Marcus Design. I think this is a great idea. I’m still not sure though. How do you think I should do it?

You know, I always find all the possible options in everything I do. And when I’m given a number of options, I usually see the best one out of them. However, this time, it’s different. Something’s not popping up. There’s no light bulb bubble over my head and I need your help with this one. Shoot me your ideas at the comments section please.

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