8 Tips When Calling Customer Service

Like I told you before, I hate waiting. Who likes waiting, anyways? But then there will always be times when you will wait no matter what. Just like we call customer service. If only I have another practical option, I’d switch my internet provider.

Here’s the story: Since we moved houses, utilities were also transferred – if they are also offered at the new house location. We used to have two internet providers and two TV cable providers. We have the PLDT  DSL Bundle and Sky  Broadband as internet provider while Destiny Cable and Sky Cable as TV cable providers. My line of work requires me to be online all the time and having a down time spells a disaster which is why we have two internet providers. Now, for the TV cable provider, I don’t have an explanation for that. We wanted to cut back on utility costs so we kept just one of each after the move. We decided to let go of Sky Broadband and Sky Cable.

During the move, the landline was successfully transferred but then DSL was not available. It turned out that DSL has not yet been migrated in our area. I was informed about this after several calls to PLDT call center 171. Since it is their fault that they don’t know our area has no DSL service, the billing amount since the move should be adjusted. I was talking to their products and services department so when the billing adjustment came up, I was asked to call their billing department. Apparently, they do not transfer calls even if it is from one department to another and you are calling the same trunk line.

I do not plan on completely ranting about their customer service nor be a complete hypocrite because I have my fair share with customer service as well. But I just have to say their customer service has got to be the worst in the world.

From all the calls (I cannot count how many times I had to call them because of this issue) I have made to them, I have probably experienced all the incidents that you wouldn’t want to go through when making calling customer service. Here’s my list:

  1. Ask for the customer representative’s full name. You don’t really need to list it down. You just have to let them know that you know their name but it’s still best to do so should you need to file a complaint. This should be done first thing BEFORE anything else in the call.
  2. Ask for a call back if the line gets cut. This is done right after asking for their name. Normally, they have a caller ID but then give them your phone number should they ask for it. In my experience, the line gets cut about 95% of the time. They said it’s a problem with their lines. Whatever! Now, remember that when the line gets cut, don’t use the phone for at least 10 minutes. That should be enough time for them to call you back.
  3. Be courteous. Or at least try to be. No matter how stup irritating the representative is, talk as civil as you can. Having an aggressive attitude can sometimes lead to the line getting cut in #2.
  4. Request to speak to the supervisor. There are times that talking to the representative really does not work out well. Most of the time the conversations are recorded but if you do not draw attention to the higher ups, they won’t bother looking into your issue. Use this only if worst comes to worst. Sometimes this can also lead to the line getting cut. See how important Tip #2 is?
  5. Always have a pen and paper ready. Not only to take down the representative’s name but also to take down information or reference numbers that they will give you. I am forgetful. My memory tends to erase important information without my knowledge so this is really important for me.
  6. Do something. If in case you are put on hold, you have to have  something else to do while waiting for them to pick up. In my case, PLDT takes a WHOLE LOT of while before they could get to you. Which means you’re going to wait for a long time before you get to talk to somebody. I have a magazine on hand and a washing machine loaded. This is how long you have to wait for PLDT to pickup: a regular program of my washing machine with a medium load of clothes. If you’re doing something else besides concentrating on the hold music, it will not only keep the hold music be your LSS (Last Song Syndrome) but it will also help you keep Tip #3.
  7. Use the speaker phone. If your telephone has this feature, you will want to use it if you are put on hold. This way you get to do Tip #6. Once the customer representative picks up, you can turn the speaker phone off.
  8. Have documents ready. Whether it’s the receipt, invoice or billing statement, have it ready in case additional information is asked from you. This will make the call go smoother.

Shoot me a comment if you have something to add. Hopefully, more improvement will be done for customer service.

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