Review: Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

October 6, 2010 UPDATE: Just last week, 10 Million baby gadgets has been recalled by Fisher Price. I immediately checked out if I own any of them here. Glad that I didn’t. Check out yours too!

It’s been really, really busy lately. I was lucky enough to land 5 clients and I’m very, very thankful that I did. It’s just that being busy would mean that I will have less time with Jack Jack. My time for blogging will be, of course, lesser as well. Thus, the late post. But I’m still sticking to having at least one post per week. I have so much to share to you.

Actually, I’d like to talk about one of the most used baby gear that I bought for Jack Jack. One that holds Jack Jack for me while I do stuff in the kitchen. This is definitely his Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair. He has been using this since he was a month old.

At the time he was born, we were living in a condominium unit (about 80 sqm.) wherein space is very limited. This is why when I bought his high chair, I have thought about storage very carefully. This high chair is just small in size to save space. Just strap it on any dining chair and you can readily strap your baby securely on it!

I got lucky that I got it for 60% off the regular price (Php1,950). The original price was around Php4,000-5,000. I was window shopping once in Rustan’s when I caught it on top of the shelves. The price was brought down that low because it’s the display unit, it’s a bit dirty and it’s got no box anymore.

Although they still got it’s User Guide Manual and that their Gift Registry department can make a box for it! I don’t need the box but I had them build the box so I could at least store it decently. I thought he won’t be using it until he starts on solids but little did I know he’d be sitting on it even before his 2nd month birthday!

Converted into a booster seat.

The chair can be reclined in 3 positions that is why I was able to place Jack Jack on his chair even when he was just 2 months old. He’d sleep there like the baby he is. Now, that he’s bigger, I have converted it into a booster seat.

For easy cleaning, the tray can be removed and washed while the cushioned seat can be wiped clean.

After buying the chair, the only negative review I’ve read is that their kids got bruises from the detachable table. My kid never got that even if he’s got the energy of a thousand volts.

Since this high chair is small in size, it is easily transported back and forth when we’re visiting family or eating out in a restaurant without taking up so much space in the car.

At Dad’s.

In conclusion, I’d say that the Fisher Price Space Saving High Chair works very well with space challenged families. Cleaning is easy so I give it two thumbs up.

Have you bought a high chair for your kid? How was your experience?

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