Do-It-Yourself Boy’s Haircut: Skinhead

I’m used to Big J doing his own haircut. He’d just pick up a hair clipper and be done with it. When Jack Jack reached his first year, I knew he’d need a haircut. I wanted to bring him to those chic-fancy kid’s salons where he gets access to cartoons on LCD TV. And toys. And cute little barber chair. And the stylists are kid-friendly.

But I passed.

I figured my kid is a boy and it wouldn’t make him any better or worst if a professional barber wouldn’t handle his hair. So I asked Big J to do it.

He’s been doing it since then.

Last month, I thought I’d had my try on it. People around me has been saying how long his hair has been and Big J couldn’t find the time to do so.

So I did.

Here’s a Before picture:

We loaned a hair clipper from BIL. Unfortunately, the hair clipper I bought last Christmas for Big J is starting to annoy me. It’s so dull. And because it is rechargeable,  it sometimes just dies on you while you’re in the middle of hair clipping but I think I just need to have it sharpened. I hope that’s all I need to do to fix that.

Moving on. I got him seated on his high chair. It’s got the perfect height and he’s strapped as well! Then I turned on the laptop and played Disney Cars movie. This is a very essential step. Just use anything that will keep him seated and distracted for at least 30-40 minutes. That should be enough time to get through the haircutting process.

Using a hair clamp, I secured a shirt on Jack Jack. It is very important that the shirt will cover his body from neck down and that the hair would not get into it. Well, if you are used to going to salons and those salon gowns, you know what I mean. Once he starts scratching, you’ll have one fussy kid on your chair and an unfinished haircut. You don’t want that.

Then I started clipping the hair away. Whoa! I never thought it would be that much fun! I just had a little bit of a difficulty when I started checking every angle. It wasn’t so easy trying to have it all in the same length. Never thought haircutting could be tricky!

Just go back and shave off any excess hairs. Maybe I’m aiming too much at perfection that’s why it got difficult. What do you think?


  • Compliment when your kid behaves. Shower him with compliments.
  • Give him his favorite toy.
  • If he starts to scratch, use a barber’s brush to remove the itchy hairs that sticks to his skin.
  • You can also sing lullabies to offer more distraction.

Now, look at that happy little customer! (Actually, he does not really know how he looked like because we haven’t installed any mirrors at the house yet. LOL!) I got lots of kisses for tip! Not bad eh?!

All in all, I love that I got to use this opportunity to bond with Jack Jack. See, now that I have been working most of the time, I have completely understood the value of quality time. Plus, it saves us the cost of going to the barber. Now, that got me thinking when the last time I had my hair cut.

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  • hangingbridge

    heheh! sis, galing mo mag bigay ng haircut. I remember when I was in highschool, I gave my younger brother (around 4 at that time) a haircut… and when my mom saw what I did, she really got mad. It was that bad.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks sis. I find your story amusing. I feel more confident to cut boy’s hair. Because if worst came to worst, you can just shave it all off. Or have a local barber do it for you. What if girl? You wouldn’t dare shave it, no! Hehehe!

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