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Recently, I have been spending more and more time away from my kid, Jack Jack. He has been growing up so fast and learning a lot of things independently. However, as much as I’d like to watch every second of that happen, it is really not possible now that I have a number of part time jobs (Technically, it becomes even more than a full time job when put together).

I believe the only way to make it up to him somehow is to spend more quality time with him. When he’s with me, I shut down work and I instantly become the full-time Mom I once was – unless he is sleeping. I am also creating activities where we can bond more. Hopefully, it is an activity where he learns and enjoy at the same time.

He loves Chuggington and Thomas and Friends. And if you are a regular reader here (I thank you from the bottom of my heart!), you have probably seen his costume for last week’s Halloween party. I’ve been lugging him around in a truck and he has experienced not much of public transport except for a few cab, jeep and bus rides. Also, he’s been so intrigued by the train when he sees it pass us by when we’re on EDSA. With these reasons, I guess riding on the train should be a lot of fun for him.

ALL ABOARD!!! Chooo! Chooo!

Last week, during the Barangay and SK Elections, I scheduled Jack Jack’s first train ride. I have been racking my brains on what day and time I should pick because I don’t want to hassle with a lot of people or the rush hour. I also have to consider picking the time before lunch time at least so we can be home for his afternoon nap. I don’t want a sleepy, tired and grouchy toddler in tow especially when I’m commuting. That day has got to be the perfect day. Firstly, because a lot of people would be in the province – voting. Most will stay home because it is a holiday. No school. I believe work is only available to the BPO industry, public school teachers and mall workers. My only worry is a terrorist attack on the train. *Crossing my fingers on that last one.

So come Monday morning, I packed a diaper bag and off we go to Trinoma Mall. That’s where I parked. I still haven’t prepared myself to commuting alone with a hyperactive toddler. I paid our ticket for Php15. Toddlers are free. I just told them we’re just there for a round trip train ride and we’re going off at the same station we boarded. Pretty cheap for an hour of train ride.

From Trinoma, you can access the last train station. With a kid in tow (Senior Citizens, Disabled and Pregnant women as well), they will allow you to access the train from the North bound side. You don’t need to cross EDSA. This is the end of the North bound train so everybody goes off this station and with the train empty, it is easier to board from this side. I saw the South bound commuters on the other side waiting and there was a lot of them. In fact, when they boarded, the train was suddenly full with passengers. Although not sardines-like full, there were no seats left and I’m just glad that we boarded ahead all of them.

The trip was smooth-sailing. Jack Jack enjoyed watching the vehicles traveling on EDSA. He also kept on saying how fast we were going and how high the train tracks are above the cars. When we got to the end of the line (Taft Station), we just stayed in our seats and waited for the train to go back.

I bought a donut for Jack Jack when we got off the train for behaving well. And then we went back home. He dozed off on his car seat. My guess is that he enjoyed himself!

I’d really like it if you could let me know what other activities we could go to. I am currently making a list of them. Hopefully, it is just within the Metro and that it is something that does not break the bank.

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  • hangingbridge

    it’s good that he gets to ride the train at a time when there’s no crowd at all :) after his train made out of carton, he gets to ride a real one :)

  • Badet

    I didn’t know that some passengers can already board the train at the other side of the last station. Nice to know that and I can benefit from this =)

  • Jellybelly

    Wow I’ve never seen the MRT so empty. Sarap if it’s like that :)

    Bloghopping from GT!

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