Lately, it has always been raining. My laundry has grown like a monster because the sun does not always shine. And just this afternoon, I woke up to find out that the rain washed our clothes. Our almost dry clothes! Hanging in the clothesline! Aaack!

The rain never really bothered me because I can move around the city with Jack Jack in the truck. We’d be dry and comfy in there. The problem is going in and out of the car. There is this window of opportunity that he could get wet from the rain during those times.

Please don’t tell me to use an umbrella because rain comes with wind and you need to carry a toddler under an umbrella. I find it too tacky.

I have been meaning to buy a raincoat for Jack Jack as part of my Emergency Preparedness project. Oh my! That’s like 4 months ago! There’s not much progress with that except for this raincoat, a half full fuel tank always for the truck, 2 bottles of 5-gallon distilled water supply and a packed pantry. I’m getting there. Just taking baby steps. But that’s for another post. Someday.

I know he’d still be protected by the antibodies that I pass on to him through breastmilk and the Vitamin C’s he’s taking but you know how us mothers are. We like to double proof. I thought I’d buy a raincoat when he enters preschool until I started the project. I believe if you have a toddler in tow, it is best to have one with you all the time. Especially with the rainy season around.

I got the raincoat for Php90 at a local surplus store. I never got to compare it to mall prices because I never had the time to canvass. I just picked it out when I saw it.

Now, this is a part of his diaper bag and he does not leave home without it. It has proven to be very very handy.

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The Lazy Mama

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  • twinkoolet

    Jack jack is adorable!! cute name too!

    1. The Lazy Mama


  • Hotgeek

    Rainy days! my baby naman wants to play under the rain eh 1 year old pa lang siya… pinipilit niya talaga lumabas yung yaya niya with umbrella… ang kulit… di naman pwede.


    1. The Lazy Mama

      Hahaha! They are so adorable once they start to reason out. They’d say just about anything to get their ways!

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