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Sorry for this late post. This is what happens when I don’t schedule posts. I planned on doing this post last night but then apparently, my stomach acted up on me. I was wondering what is happening to me as I was hugging the bowl.


We did not know what hit me until I checked the can of sardines from the trash this morning. The food has expired last April. No, it’s not because of my pantry management. I know because I just bought those a month ago. And with a hyperactive, energetic, 2 year old in tow, I was always in a hurry when I do my grocery shopping. I guess I missed to check on the dates. I don’t think I could return it to them because I don’t think I could find the receipt. I don’t keep grocery receipts too long.

No, I’m not blaming my kid. It is entirely my fault that I did not check the dates. And this is not an excuse. Good that it didn’t do any harm on the husband. And that Jack Jack is not around to see me all sloppy. I’m still alive and let’s celebrate that!

Due to the almost food poisoning incident, I think it is just about right that I share with you how I manage my pantry. I was hoping that I’d show it to you once we’re finished with painting the house – not that we’ve started already. We’re kind of short on funds at this time. So I guess I’ll show it to you now.

My pantry is located under our stairs. I’ve planned on putting a sliding door with a lock on it. Eventually, I will. I promise. I’ve placed it there because most foods are stored better in a dark and cool place. It does not get hot there and it’s also dark so it is the perfect place. I’m also keeping kitchen appliances here that are used occasionally like the Turbo Broiler, an extra rice cooker and blender.

My pantry’s golden rule is First In First Out. When I get home after a grocery, I place all the new ones behind the cabinet so the old stock would get used first before the new ones. I have this rule in place ever since I had my own household. And so, I rarely get expired food.

From the left of the picture is my pantry’s entryway. Did I mention I’m going to place a sliding door there? Anyways, half of it is this shelf and the other half is a space for people to get through. Now, the sliding door when closed would cover the shelf and the entryway. The shelf is tilted so that cans slide from the back to the front. So when I have new groceries, I’ll just put it in from the back.

I’ve dreamed of a pantry like this ever since I saw the idea from here. Only that I have lesser canned goods to stock so I’m fine with a smaller shelf. That house she featured is just amazing! See their closet and laundry area? Too clever! Their idea makes me feel bad that I’m using a clothesline to dry my clothes. LOL!

In my pantry, I have also a container for the rice. Hmmm… we’re almost out of rice. And pretty soon I’ll be adding more containers for the dog food and the flour. We don’t buy bread anymore. And I’m proud to say that we’re making it from scratch!

I also have two 5-Gallon bottles of sterilized drinking water stocked for 6 months. I don’t use it every time we need to fill up our drinking water. It’s for emergency purposes only. For safety reasons, these two bottles are from Wilkins. And because of my emergency preparedness project, I’d like my pantry stocked perpetually.

Before I go to the grocery and sometimes while menu planning, I would usually come into this room and see which items we’re running low on. And if there’s extra money, I would add up some more items to stock.

I try to organize the pantry every 2 months or when I think it gets all cluttered. So that can of sardines definitely is not my old stock. Not to mention that we just moved last June – which means I have checked every food before I brought it into the house.

If you have a lot of pantry supplies, it is time to start grouping like items in one area or basket and label them. For example, tomato sauce and tomato paste would go in one basket; pasta, oat meal and rice in an area; baking supplies in one basket and so on.

Tip: Make sure that you see EVERYTHING. It should take you no more than 30 seconds to get what you need out of your pantry. Otherwise, you need to reorganize. If you can’t see a can of soup at the back of the shelf, chances are, you’re going to forget that you have it and it’s going to spoil after some time and you’ll have to throw it away. Money is wasted.

Lastly, print a list of all your pantry items and stick it inside the door. The list would depend from household to household so you need to know exactly what your family eats. This list will help you know exactly what items you have run out of.

Did I miss anything? How do you organize you pantry?

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  • Sansan

    I seldom cook so I don’t really have much interest in pantries or kitchens but hope you’re feeling better now…

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks! Same here. I don’t cook so much. I just want a pantry so hubby or I can cook and we have food for emergency situations. This not only includes natural disasters but also in case we run out of cash income. I haven’t tried it but there’s this challenge to live off eating on whatever’s in your pantry for a week/month. This way you can test if your pantry can sustain your family. But that’s another story.

      1. Sansan

        ^I totally agree and that’s something I need to learn. Thankfully I’m not married yet so I still have time to learn these things. One thing I’m good at is spending but never at saving *lol*

        1. The Lazy Mama

          It’s really easier to spend. That is my sickness that up to now I’m trying to cure.

  • hangingbridge

    I wish we have our own home to construct our own pantry :) right now, ang pantry namin is the kitchen shelves na hindi covered whatsoever.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      You can build your pantry anywhere naman. Just keep tabs on the items and rotate them well to avoid spoiling.

  • ListsMania

    Your pantry suggestions gave me some new things to try on my blog related to must have kitchen items :)
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