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Being techie and with how advanced our time is right now, almost everything requires cables and wires. When I was a kid the only wires we take care of are from the fridge, television and fan. Life was simple. Now, there’s the DVD player, audio system, desktop computer, cellphone charger(s), data cable, digicam charger, USB cable for the digicam, cellphone and the list goes on.

When the cables become disorganized, cleaning around them becomes difficult. Not to mention how easy it is for dust and dirt to stick through it in time. With the other appliances, it is easier to get around them and also easy to task the housekeeper to do the cleaning for you. However, for the desktop, audio and video cables, I wouldn’t recommend entrusting the cleanup to a non-techie person.

So, what I do is to organize the cables to make cleaning easier. If cleaning would be easier, I would be cleaning. Or so I hope. I always search the internet and malls for the most efficient and affordable way to manage cables. But I always find them either ineffective or too expensive. Though I’d have to say they look so nice!

You know what I found to manage my cables? They are probably in your house too. So no need to purchase them. Here they are:

  • Masking tape. I use the masking tape to label the cables. This allows me to identify each cable from each other. Now, every time I pull out a cable I do not wonder what it’s for.
  • Sharpie. Used along side the masking tape for labeling.
  • Twist Tie. This little guy tames the cables. I always liked those velcro cable ties but they cost too much. I like them because you don’t lose them when you let the cable lose when at use. But the twist tie can do the same by just doing a knot, it sticks to the cable as well. And ties it too. See?

And for each cable, they look like these:

So, even if I toss them in a box full of cables, it would still be easy to find what I need exactly because they are labeled.

How do you organize your cables?

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  • Mrs. Kolca

    I do the same time kaso si hubby laging sinisira ang arrangement ko. Haha.

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