Winner: Unimom Allegro Breast Pump

I am itching so excited to have this announcement but due to a recent unfortunate diarrhea incident, I got stuck at home. I’m not complaining at all and I really love those purely magical time that I spent with my kid. It’s just that he isn’t eating anything except breast milk. And he’s clingy because he does not feel well.

Going back to the winner. Congratulations to …

Ana Jane Bitor!

Please wait for my email for details.

Have a Happy New Year! See you next year!

The Lazy Mama

I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff.

  • Ana Jane Bitor

    Wow! I was actually waiting for the result without high hopes because I have never been lucky on raffles or contests. This is so exciting! This is my first time to win one. Thank you so much! :)

  • miann oblea

    congrats ana! i’m excited for you to try it!!! thanks carol and thanks to all who joined!

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