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Whenever Jack Jack is home, most that we do is play. I won’t do anything else but take care, feed and play with him. We always have a blast! I may be lazy but I am never lazy for playing.

During the holidays, Jack Jack received a number of toys. Thank you so much to all the Santa’s who have given him toys and clothes. I don’t buy him toys so much because he’s been receiving a lot already. We do appreciate them and have a lot of fun playing with them. And I guess we need to let go of his older toys to make room for the new ones.

When I do buy him toys though, I try to make sure that they would last for a really long time. A toy that he can pass on to younger kids or to his kids. If you don’t know already, he’s got quite a heavy hand. He can practically destroy it if left unattended. Durability is one of the key qualities of practically any baby stuff. And that includes toys.

What I like most are his wooden toys. He’s got quite a few of them already. Most of them are puzzles or bricks in sets. These wooden toys are very durable and can withstand the abuse that toddlers can inflict into them. In addition to that, these wooden toys are very functional since it improves motor skills and creativity.

Another thing I liked about it is that we can build anything from these wooden toys. The only limit is our imagination. Not to mention my kid totally admires me for building stuff for him. When I say that I built a car, he would definitely take it as a car. And when I say that it’s a blanket, he will take it as a blanket – All because I said so.

What are your favorite toys for your kids? Share them here!

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