Simple Hygiene

I’m not the lotion/perfume girl. I use them when I feel I need them but it does not go into my everyday regimen. When I feel that my skin is dry, I’d use lotion. And when I feel like I feel extra glamorous I’d wear perfume. Hmmm… that does not even sound glamorous at all.

Anyways, I apply the same principle for Jack Jack. He would bathe with soap and water. No lotion, perfume or cologne after. I believe babies and kids have their distinct baby smell. I am not very fond of how these chemicals smell especially on my kid. I am actually jealous of those who could skip the soap and just use water for bathing. I don’t know if I can do that just yet.

Months ago, I found an article over at the Breastfeeding Moms Unite talking about when exactly baby lotions and colognes came out in the market. It made me think really hard about why there were baby lotions and colognes released in the first place. So when the Rookie Moms blogged about what the world does not need now, I knew I am definitely doing the right thing.

I believe it can be applied to kids. I myself am not ready yet for this really big change. I just don’t think I’d feel clean enough if the bar of soap is taken away from my regimen. Also, I am not completely giving up my perfumes and lotions – I still have a number of them from gifts. Not that I don’t appreciate them, I love receiving them. It’s just that it would take years for me before I finish a bottle.

My kid, on the other hand, will still use his usual baby soap. But still, lotions and colognes are still not on my mind. Unless it is a mosquito repellent lotion (I’m trying to find something organic still), my kid’s not using it.

I am not saying this because I am lazy to use soap, lotion, perfume or cologne or whatever it is that counters body odor. But basically, because I am wondering what people use during the time that they weren’t out in the market yet. Wouldn’t it be just plain water as well? It’s not also because of the cost because if my kid really needs them, I’d be more than happy to buy it for him. But when I think about it, I don’t find them a necessity.

Besides, wouldn’t it be gentler for the environment if they stopped or at least minimized the manufacturing of these products? Speaking of gentle, what else could be gentler to your skin than water?

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  • the hippie mum

    “wouldn’t it be gentler for the environment if they stopped or at least minimized the manufacturing of these products?” I so agree with you! I don’t use much stuff on my baby as well for the same reasons you have mentioned. i’m loving your site :) adding it on my blogroll now… will definitely come back for more.
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    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!

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