7 Fuel Frugal Tips

If only it was feasible for me to have an electric car, then I might have gotten one. Feasible I say because of the price and also there should be an electric car charging station from location to location. That would have been so cool to see!

Unfortunately, there’s none. And unfortunately, people who don’t have access to these luxuries will have to make do with fuel. The truth is that I hated the fact that the price per liter of diesel gasoline has just reached an all time high (AFAIK) of Php40. Last month it was just around Php33. I feel like everything happened after blinking my eye!

I know. I know. The Philippines  probably carries the cheapest fuel if you will compare it to the rest of the world. But given the minimum wage they have set and the increasing cost of living, it does not seem fair anymore.

Before I go all political, which is not very pretty, I’ll just share with you some of the tricks I do to save on gas. I drive a pickup truck. It’s from my Dad so even if I wanted a fuel efficient car (small itsy bitsy one), I need to make do with this one. Don’t get me wrong. I love this truck for it’s sentimental value. But I believe it would be more practical if I’d get something small for a small family of 3. And have I mentioned I cannot afford those fueled eco cars?

So here’s what I do to save on gas cost:

Save on the fuel cost itself. I fill the tank in the following conditions:

a. Every month. If the fuel cost does not go up every week (like it does right now), I fill the tank to the brim every month right after my credit card’s cut-off date. And I don’t pay cash. This way, the money has already earned it’s interest from the bank before I use it to pay for the fuel that I have probably used after 1.5 months.

b. When the fuel tank is between quarter- to half-full. I try to keep it half-full at least for emergency preparedness. I don’t use the truck so much since I work at home so 30 Liters (half of my tank) is pretty much enough to go around the whole month.

c. When a price increase is about to take place.

Take note of gas stations that carries the cheapest fuel. If you haven’t noticed it yet, let me break the news to you. Gas stations do not exactly have the same exact price nationwide. Or even city wide. There are gas stations that sell fuel Php0.25-1.00 cheaper than other stations. No, you should not drive up to a station that is out of your way just so you’d get the discount. Just fill up on stations that are cheaper than most instead of ignoring the price and just filling up.

Travel light. Avoid bringing unnecessary items in the car. The heavier your load, the harder the engine work and the more it consumes fuel.

Create an itinerary. When you go out of town or out of the country, you create an itinerary. Why not do the same for a day using the car? If you are out to do a number of errands, put the farthest errand on top of your list. Then the second farthest to do next. And the last itinerary should be the closest to home. Not only does this make your body thank you, but then you’d be able to pretty much accomplish the tip above. Let me explain. Your body will thank you because by the time you are at the last errand, I bet you’d be tired and a long drive home would be the last thing on your mind. You will accomplish #2 because more often than not, doing errands means picking up stuff or people. Well, most of the time at least.

Use public transformation. Not the taxi cabs though.

Car pool. Perhaps your family, neighbors or co-workers can arrange a car pool for a trip. Many times, I see a car on the road with just the driver in it. Pure waste of fuel.

Minimize the use of car air conditioning. I get cold fast. And so, during the rainy/cold season, I don’t use the car air conditioning because I feel cold already. Sometimes, when I’m just 5 blocks away from my destination, I’d turn it off. The car would still be cool until I reach my destination.

Fill up when it’s cold. Do you know that fuel is denser when it is cold? If you gas up when the temperature is lower, you’d get more bang for your buck because of the fuel density.

Some more technical tips for saving on fuel costs here.

Do you have some more tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • EINz

    Thanks for sharing tips on how to save on Fuel. As for me i’ll add up on my saving list not to charge it to my CC…hehe

    Btw, i have an award for you, check it out: http://www.mommytots.com/2011/01/7-things-about-me.html

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks so much for the award!

  • Spanish Pinay

    Very timely in times of crisis :) Like Einz, I also tagged you with the same award. Einz, I know, I’m such a copy cat but I don’t have much in my list and the lazy mama here deserves it ;-)
    Spanish Pinay recently posted..My First Ever Blog Award

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks sis! Wow! Double award!

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