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These days are just unbelievable. Weather is erratic and even if you drink your vitamins religiously, it is not enough to protect you from the viruses around you. Because I’m a nursing Mom, I am very particular with not only what I eat and drink, but also of the medications I take.

As much as I can, I take natural medications first before I take prescription medications. That is actually the challenge of a nursing Mom. Anything you put into your body, whether it is taken internally or not, could possibly affect your liquid gold production. And of course, just like any regular Mom (lazy or not), I do not want anything to harm my baby. I’d like to share this with you because I’ve been asked many times what I take when I get sick.

For natural medication, here’s a list of some illnesses and what I take naturally against them:

  • Common Cold/Runny Nose. Take 1 teaspoon of pure calamansi juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Itchy Throat. Gargle a mixture of 1 teaspoon salt with a glass of warm water. Wear a scarf around your neck before going to bed.

There are more natural medications you can find over the internet but these are what I find effective for me. And like any other disease, you should always take enough rest and hydrate yourself to help in the process.

For prescribed medications, I always look them up from the following sites:

UPDATED June 20, 2011: Got an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device? For the more tech-savvy ones, you can look up the medications from your phone in the new LactMed App. Go directly to the app store to download the LactMed App for FREE!

When I am prescribed any medication, I always ask for a list of medication that will cure the illness. I check it out from these sites. They tell me whether they are safe for nursing moms or not. Since it is a list, I just choose one that is the lesser evil. Well, I always ask my doctors whether it is safe for nursing moms AND check out the facts by researching – just like the research I do when it comes to breastfeeding. Much like a second opinion – from a known expert on the subject. These sites lists antibiotics, pain killers, etc. that is safe for nursing moms.

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  • thelma

    Is honey bad for a breastfeeding mom to take.Just this morning i drank 1 tablespoonful of honey mix with calamansi juice and i am breastfeeding now.I am worried will my baby acquire botulism?

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