Potty Training Update 1

I believe it is just about right that I give you an update of how we’re doing now with our potty training. It’s been 5  months since we started and we’re still not yet fully potty trained. Probably because we just take it lightly. I’d really love to take it seriously and just get over it but I think even my kid doesn’t want it like that. We just make sure that we stay consistent with what he already knows and move forward when we feel that we’re all ready.

Right now, when he’s not wearing diapers, he will announce whether it is number 1 or number 2 he’s doing – as long as he remembers it. Also, the reason why I keep on asking him time and time again, “Do you want to go poop/pee?” Yeah, well, one relative I think got annoyed by the number of times I asked my kid. It was only every five minutes. I wonder why?

Anyways, I noticed I forgot to mention the potty seat I’m using so I’m planning to create a separate post for a potty seat review. From the start, I wanted a potty seat that would last. It should be something that we could use for a long while so I chose the Combi Potty Training Seat (sorry that it’s in Japanese).

We’re not in a hurry for him to go diaper-free 24/7 but we’re quite happy with not only because of the money we’re saving but also because there’d be fewer diapers added into the landfills.

Our situation is quite unusual since I can only be with my kid half of the week. And sometimes even less. Thus, our potty training is not that intense. It’s been 5 months since we started our training and so far there are just a few accidents. Normally, when he’s busy playing which is why I keep on reminding him.

How’s your potty training going? If you have more tips for me, I’d love to hear it.

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