Doctor Visits

Doctor visits are usually the dreaded times in our lives. Because you can always push it back to another day and procrastinate. But we all know check-ups should be done regularly especially when vaccines should be administered.

For some reason, Jack Jack was not the typical kid when he walks into the doctor’s clinic. Normally, he would be fussy because of the waiting but he was never afraid of the doctor. When vaccines are administered, he will cry for a bit once the needle is pulled out of his skin. And when he had his PPD skin test for Primary Complex, he just stared at the needle. The last shot we had, no reaction at all.

Most of his shots during the first year were administered from the local health center because they were free. Which means the shots were given by different people. I say people because nurses/interns take turns with giving shots there. There was just a few times that a real doctor did.

Sometimes I’m afraid that he might have taken after my low tolerance from pain. He could hit his head and there are times he wouldn’t even cry. He’d just rub his hand over it and continue playing. But I think it is better because he was easier to appease. If he cries, a little hug and a little breastmilk and he’d be happy running around again.

Our dentist, my sister, never had any problems with him as well. He seems fascinated sitting on the dental chair. I also had him X-rayed one time and he just lied there like he was told to.

I’m not sure what I did exactly to make him like that but here’s what I think we did that helped:

  • Don’t make a big deal out of a little bump, slip or scratch. Just keep calm. No screaming. Yeah, it could be hard but you’re just making it worse if you do. Whenever my kid would slip, the husband and I have the same thing to say, “Stand up.” – in a firm voice.
  • NEVER. EVER. Use the doctor to scare your kid for discipline. Actually, don’t use ghosts, spiders, cockroaches, or what have you. You don’t want your kid growing up with trauma. Some nanny’s do this to kids so be clear about your rules.
  • Bring his favorite toy/blanket to keep him busy/feeling safe.
  • Praise him for being a good boy inside the doctor’s office.
  • If possible, give them a reward or something to look forward to after the visit.
  • If your kid is afraid of the doctor, you can try to go to a different one. He might be scared of the voice or look of the doctor.
  • I found this last one from Parent Hacks: Have the doctor mimic what he’s about to do to your kid to you before he actually does it to your kid.

Like I’ve said, I’ve had very little experience with tantrums in the doctor’s office. These are just what I think worked for us. Have you got more tips, let me know in the comments section.

By the way, that is my sister in the picture above.


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