Breastfeeding in the Face of Disaster

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If it isn’t a war, it would be a natural disaster that is going to put your family in an emergency situation. Since the start of the year, Middle Eastern countries have been facing turmoil while the other parts of the world are feeling the wrath of Mother Nature. I really do not enjoy talking about disasters or even preparing for them because it seems like I am inviting it but I feel the responsibility of sharing what I know.

Breastfeeding, as what I have continually proven over and over again, proves to be one of my most effective protections for emergency situations – next to preparation of course. During the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), we were forced to leave our house because we have no place to sleep on. Jack Jack was barely 18 months at the time. For the next 24 hours, he was only able to feed on breastmilk. Another time was after we moved. We got stuck in the terrace of the house because of a faulty door knob. For 4 hours, we waited for the husband to come home and rescue us – a nice neighbor called my Mom and my Mom called husband. Jack Jack never got hungry.

I know, my situations aren’t as dire as what is happening around us but I know it would have been had I not been breastfeeding. I can only imagine what the situation is when you are in an evacuation center where clean water is pretty hard to get access to. In times of a calamity, the children are the ones who suffer the most. Babies get diarrhea or acquire diseases that are contagious.

I found several documentations over the internet for making breastfeeding possible in emergency situations here, here and here.

Emergency situations are also one of the biggest reasons I highly recommend that Moms persists continue breastfeeding their child for as long as possible. Heck, I never realized this until after the events happened. I was just very thankful that I was given the ability to nourish my child with just two things in tow: The baby and the boob.

P.S. Can I just express my gratitude to the heroes who chose to stay behind and help try to contain the radiation leaks in Japan.

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  • Kimmy

    This is exactly why I plan to breastfeed as well when my baby comes out. :)
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  • Jenny

    Breast feeding is a great thing for babies. It’s just sad that people make such a big deal about OH DON’T DO THAT HERE BLAH!! Well… would they starve their children just to make others happy? No. So why do they do it to us?!

    But I agree with your post and I think it’s great. Gonna RT this :D
    Jenny recently posted..Light Reading

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