Chihuahua: The Lazy’s Pet

I don’t believe I have emphasized more on this blog how much research I’ve put before adopting Portia. By the way, she’s our first born Chihuahua. We adopted her while I was still pregnant with my little man.

We all know how much of a responsibility it is going to be when you adopt a pet. A lot of things should be considered. Time and devotion should be set aside to for training, feeding and cleaning.

For a year, I researched on which breed would fit best for my lazy lifestyle. She’s got to be the easiest and cheapest to maintain. I thought about getting a big dog because I can imagine how hug-able and sweet they could be. Plus, they’d really scare the bad guys away – I hope. But big dog meant big appetite, lots of walks and definitely big poop. Well, we don’t want cleaning up big piles of you know what so I passed.

So, I looked for a smaller breed that will fit my lifestyle. At the time, the husband and I were living in a condominium where pets are allowed but is not too popular to have.

Here’s how easy it is to take care of a Chihuahua:

No walking needed. Probably the hardest to commit to when the owner is not a jogger. Walking inside the house is just enough exercise for them.

Save money on dog food. When Portia was still a puppy, his meals consists of only 2 teaspoons of dog food and she’d be full. Now that she’s all grown up, all she needs is 6-7 teaspoons of dog food. She can consume 2 kilos of dog food in a month. Pretty cheap, eh?

Easy to bathe. Because of their size, bathing can be as fast as 10-15 minutes. Soap and shampoo can go longer than a year because there’s too little area to clean.

Small cage. Again, because of their size, you can purchase the smallest cage available – except for a hamster’s cage of course! The small cage will also not take too much of a space at home. Perfect for condo dwellers.

Compact. You don’t know how many times we’ve sneaked her into an establishment without alarming anybody. She’s barely a foot long (now, that’s making me think of hotdogs!) and weighs more or less 3 kilograms. When we had to leave our house because of the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), we checked into a hotel for refuge. Yeah, you guessed it! We sneaked Portia in.

Little shedding. You know how much I don’t enjoy cleaning up.

Portia taught me a lot about motherhood.  She came right before I had Jack Jack which is a very important part of my life. Probably, the perfect time for me. I just wish I could give her more time than I have given her. She may be small but she does her part in the family.

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility. It’s a lifetime commitment, not an overnight sensation that you can pickup and leave whenever. I don’t believe it can go easier than a Chihuahua unless you’re going to adopt a stuffed toy.

Do you have pets at home? How do you take care of them?

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