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Two hours ago, I was cramming. It is Wednesday. I don’t have a post yet. And neither does a topic to start from. Feeling a bit terrible that I dropped off my kid at my Mom’s yesterday to spend the rest of the week there. Not to mention that my work is demanding more hours from me.

No, I’m not complaining. Seriously, this is not a complaint. I want to finish each and everyone of them. Perfectly. But we all know that’s going to require a lot of time.

And so I guess, it was a divine intervention when I came across this post from Buttoned Up: Lazy is a complement. I just knew I have to say something about it.

As a wife and mother, I feel guilty during those times that I am lazy. Because even if my husband is sweet enough to do some housework or attend to Jack Jack’s needs, I still feel like everything is my responsibility. I guess that is the normal thinking.

And so for this post, I’m making it easier for myself. Because being lazy is one of my best assets, it’s pretty easy to talk about it. Not even a picture. See? Along the way, I’m hoping that this stands as a reminder for all the busy bees out there. Try to cross-out some of the unimportant things on your to-do list and make the most of the important tasks.

From the same post, I found another inspiration: The Lazy Manifesto. I like the part where it mentioned the blogger scenario. It makes perfect sense that you can focus so much better if you choose to do less. I will have to admit that I once thought that you become more productive when you multitask. Little did I know that it can only work if one of the task does not need focus – like if you’re doing laundry using a fully automatic washing machine. Otherwise, everything goes to waste.

You might ask how I stumbled upon these posts when I’m supposed to be writing a post. I got them because they are in my Google Reader. Most of the time these blogs saves my life from chaos. Not to mention this post.

Pick one thing that you do regularly and think of a way to make it simple but still effective. What is it?

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The Lazy Mama

I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Carol – Thanks so much for the mention – it’s always nice to hear that a post connected w/someone. I couldn’t agree with you more that you should stop feeling guilty! I don’t know where we got this insane notion in our mom-heads that we are failures if we don’t do everything. As you can attest – lazy IS better. You’re happier, more present – and ironically GIVE MORE to the people most important to you – when you choose to do fewer things, better.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Hi Sarah! (OMG! It’s Sarah of Buttoned Up!) Thank you for the sweet words. I was never the “supermom”. Ever. Society has put so much on Mom’s shoulders I guess. Probably because we do the same with our Moms. We put them high on a pedestal. It is the norm. With this, lazy being the opposite word has been correlated as negative without thinking about the positive effects of being lazy.

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