8 Things I Learned From My Mother

As an ode to Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I’d like to dedicate this post to my Mom and to all the Mama readers. Please put a reminder in your phone with an alarm to say “I love you, Mom” four days from now, May 8, 2011.

My Mom was never the sweet, touchy-freely Mom. I do not remember her as the kissing-hugging-saying-I-love-you type of Mom. But we all know she does love me and my siblings and she’s got a lot of love to give because she expresses her love in actions. I’m not sure if I can even be half as good as she is but I just try to give it back as much as I could.

I want to be so like her with some enhancements of my own so I’d share with you what I learned from her over the years.

Fear in God. Although I’ve never grown to be, my siblings and I were raised to be church-goers. I still go but not religiously. However, my fear of God never wavered. I always believed there is a powerful creator above all of us.

Self-empowerment. She was once a housewife but that never stopped her from going out and making money of her own. She taught me to finish my studies (probably because I’ve always got that lazy-feel) because she does not want people looking down on me.

Crunchiness. My Mom was raised while running their family business. She knows exactly how to be frugal to an extent and how to handle money well. I would talk to a supplier so I’d get a discount and have her talk to them – she’d get an even lower price! She taught me how to save money in the bank and never to use the credit card if you do not have the money to pay for it. Save money for the rainy days.

Courage. The bravest woman I have ever known (besides the ones who are in military) is my mother. She’d stop a thief in a heartbeat. I think she’s my inspiration for learning to drive. I learned to drive on the road alone. No teacher or another driver on board.

Kitchen skills. But my kitchen skills are not even half of how she does in the kitchen. Some of the tips and shortcuts I share with you were from her. Even the recipes are from her.

Confidence. She taught me to be whoever I want to be and she always supported my choices.

Independence. Long before I’ve known my husband, she’s already taught us siblings to live separately from our families after getting married. Actually, I wanted even more than that. I aimed to live independently even before I got married. I’m happy to say that we’re living independently.

Patience. I never had this. But I think I honed on the skills after being a mother. I just look at my Mom and I would have more patience for the day.

There are still a million other things I have learned from her but listing them down would require me to create a separate blog for that.

Can you share a few things you learned from your mother?

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