Afternoon Naps

Due to the sudden change to a cool weather and along with my deprivation of it, I’m thinking sleep. When I was a kid, every kid in the family have to take their afternoon naps. They call it the siesta during the Spanish era. A habit that every Filipino have been accustomed to. Power nap for the 9-5ers, our parent’s generation has made it a requirement for kid’s growth.

I once felt guilty when little Jack Jack wouldn’t take his afternoon naps. But I realized when he doesn’t, he would sleep earlier at night. As early as 7pm, he’d be in bed sleeping and would go on for lik 12 hours which is about the recommended sleep per day for his age. So I just try to follow his cue because it won’t work if you just enforce it to the kid. If he wants to sleep or not in the afternoon, then so be it. It is frustrating for both of us when we are forcing something that he knows he does not need.

Because of the nature of my work and the promise I gave Jack Jack (that I’m never sending him away anymore to work), I have to get him to sleep so I could concentrate on working. The husband takes him away from me if he could and if the little guy would allow, then I could work with full concentration.

There are hours in the day that I couldn’t help but wish that I could send him away. Of course, I don’t want to. It breaks my heart when I do so we all try to make it work. I sleep with him in the afternoon IF he will sleep. Then I’d work late at night until before dawn. If it’s the other way around, then I’d work straight the whole night – if need be. Thus, it is easier for all of us.

I’m wondering how many of you are taking afternoon naps. Do you enforce afternoon naps with your kid(s)?

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  • dothy

    Same with my three-year old daughter, she hasn’t been taking a nap since she’s more than a year old. She will sleep at around 8pm though and would wake up at 7 or 8am. :)

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