Potty Training Update 2

Goodbye diapers!!!

Well, don’t take me wrong. I’m just tired of buying and using diapers and I’m really psyched that we’re not using diapers anymore especially since Jack Jack turned 3 last Sunday. There are still accidents – they are called accidents which means unavoidable so we’re not 100% dry. We just got rid of the diapers – not the peeing.

Now that I could be with him all the time, I believe this is the best time to complete his potty training. Remember I told you before that we’re partially potty training?

The kid used to be the announcer. He would announce scream that he’s going to pee and then pull me with him in the bathroom. When he perfected that, he started going to the bathroom on his own. Although there are times that sitting on the potty would delay or obstruct with number 2 but most of the time, he’d be successful. I was very glad every time he is successful.

When I started night potty training, I asked him if he wants to wear a diaper. He said no. Amazingly, he was dry all night! Really, it was that easy? All you need to do is ask? NOT! That was actually the first time he was diaper-free and dry all night – which became a one time. That frustrated me which led me to bringing back the diapers at night.

Since last week, I decided to get rid of the diapers once and for all. No more diapers 24/7. Even during traveling – I’m still quite hesitant on this at times but I’m going to keep my ground.

What’s frustrating me now is that when he’s awake, he would deliberately “mark his territory” anywhere. Yes, he will announce it but it is after the deed is done. Also, another thing that is really frustrating is that he wouldn’t be bothered to even open his eyes when he’s wet already. And all along I thought kids are annoyed when they get wet at night. Not this kid!

What I noticed from his deliberate territory marking is that it usually happens when the husband and I are busy which means he is seeking attention. So, we both kept on regularly talking/playing/interacting with him or make a game out of peeing. Whoever pees first wins – this does not work for me because he will compete with everybody but me.

With the night wettings, we encourage him to pee before sleeping. Also, we carry him to the bathroom every 2, 3 or 4 hours – depending on the level of momnesia at that moment. I should be writing it down, right? That’s if I remember it.

He just started a summer kiddie class last Monday so I’m quite torn about putting him on diapers during those times. I asked him when we were preparing to go and he said he wants to wear a diaper. If I remove it, do you think it would be too much pressure since we just started last week? I don’t want him to have an accident in front of the other kids because I’m scared that it’d scar him for life.

Anyways, I’ve pretty much summed up all the things that I’ve learned regarding potty training so far. If you need to add something else to help me or others (thank you!), then please shoot me a comment.

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