Activity: Clay Play

Because Jack Jack and I spend lots of time together and he tires me pretty much quickly of his hyperactive personality, I’m always on the lookout for activities that can make him sit still, be curious, be happy and with me either in front of the laptop or beside him just sitting without too much physical stress. I needed an activity that would somehow relax him.

I have to admit, I appreciate the television because it can shut him up make him quiet but I know of studies that too much of it is not good for toddlers. It creates too much activity for their brain and can sometimes cause nightmares.

When I heard of using clay (not that it’s new to me, it’s just that I’ve forgotten about it. This Momnesia deficiency is just crap), I just knew I needed to incorporate that into Jack Jack’s everyday play. There are a lot of skills that a toddler can develop from playing with clay. Not only does it makes them curious, creativity, intelligence and imagination are also developed. But of course, I cannot leave him alone with the clay. He’s very picky about putting anything into his mouth but I couldn’t be too sure.

I said I’d make it myself. Because I don’t want for an activity to cost me too much. Besides, I want to know exactly what my kid would touch. I don’t want him to touch anything toxic. So I told myself, I am definitely making my own – once the oven gets here. Or not.

Apparently, the oven has not landed just yet so I found no-bake clays. Isn’t that amazing? Anyways, I told myself I am making these no-bake clays for our play time.

And then one day, while I was out with Jack Jack in the mall, I saw those Play-Doh clays in tubs. Each tub is 141g and 4 tubs would cost Php149.75. How silly am I to not check the price, right? I thought it would cost a lot to purchase these Play-Doh clays which is why I don’t want to look around for it. More importantly, since they were created for kids, they are non-toxic. This is the very first time I am thanking my procrastinating-self. Had I been able to make the clays by myself and then later finds out how cheap these tubs of Play-Doh clays are, I would have been devastated.

Anyways, as you can see, the little guy is very happy with the clay. I’m definitely building funds for those little Play-Doh machines that we’d be playing these clays on. I can’t wait!

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