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With how much pictures people have these days and the amount of digital cameras we have, it is not surprising that we will always have a full disk of media files. I have thousands of media files in my hard disk ever since image files have been born.

At first, I did not know how to store them. I just put them in one folder way back those first years of digital files. But now, I have learned how to store them. Since they are stored with alphanumeric characters in consecutive values, I need to find a way to remember the when, where and why of the files without looking at each one. Also, they have to be secured. I need to know that ten years from now, I would still be able to go back to that picture and print it if I want to.

So, here’s how I store them. The pictures and videos are in two separate folders. In each folder, they would be grouped into the years they were taken and each folder year will have a group of dates in it. Each date will consist a number of media files. And along that date will have a simple title of that day. Gets? See the image above for a clearer picture (pun intended).

Each time I transfer the images into my hard disk, I would do a really fast scan on them. If they look good, they pass. If they are ugly or blurry, they get deleted.

Lastly, I (will) have another hard disk containing all this as a backup. And if I get to have more funds, I’m buying another hard disk for the backup of the backup.

How do you organize your media files? Would you care to share in the comments?

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