Review: Combi Toilet Trainer/Potty Seat

Before we finish using the potty seat, I know I promised you I’d make a review for it. I really like doing reviews especially when I’m really, really sure that I’ve looked at all possibilities on the product. I say we’re almost done using the potty seat because we are now transitioning to using the big potty seat. You’ll see what I mean later.

The first thing that I looked for when I started looking for a potty seat was it’s multi-use. I don’t want to buy something that I’d be able to use only for a period and then keep it. I want to be able to use it as long as possible. Also, I wanted it to make my life easier. Why would I buy something to break my head with, right? I got a lot of that already.

At the time (6-12 months old) of the purchase, when Jack Jack pulls out number 2, the only way to clean him up is to hold his legs up and wash his bum on the faucet. He was only around 9-10 kilos at the time but the thing surely broke my back (or so I thought). Please let me know of another way to do it without his legs getting wet and I’ll thank you for life! Later on, I would sit him on the toilet bowl and ask him to hold onto my legs while I clean him up.

When I saw the Combi Toilet Trainer/Potty Seat, I knew it was perfect FOR ME. Honestly, I haven’t found another potty seat that can do all of this in one product (They didn’t pay me to say this but I would appreciate it very much should they do). Here are the features that I like about it so much:

Detachable Toilet Trainer. Since the toilet trainer can be moved from the potty seat to the toilet bowl, it is easier for Jack Jack to do his thing on the potty seat. And for clean-up, I could move them both to the toilet bowl. Easier for me because the bidet is near the bowl and I could soap/rinse him without worrying that the tub is full.

Transition. Because of the above feature, transition to the toilet seat from the potty seat is easier. See image below.

Unisex. Potty training at first is the same for both genders. Both sits for peeing. Then for boys, they learn to pee standing up later on. If you notice that little curve in front of the toilet trainer, that is designed with the boys in mind.

Step Stool. Since Jack Jack will be using a step stool even after potty training, I like that the potty seat can be turned into that.

Soft Seat Cover. I never got to use this but I think it’s great that we have the option to do so.

Handle. Since I could already ask him to hold on to me, I guess with the handle, he would be able to hang-on to it and stay on top of the potty. Unfortunately, I was not able to use this feature because the screw that came with it didn’t want to fit in. It got stuck but the handle was not firmly attached so I ditched it.

What I don’t like:

  • The handle that did not attach.
  • Cleaning can be difficult because of the parts. Mind you that it can stink if you missed cleaning a spot where pee usually gets trapped a.k.a. the handle hole.
  • I don’t believe the kid can get up on the toilet seat alone and with the handle attached. See stage 2 from the image above. Unless he gets up from the side to which I do not recommend without assistance.

A demo video of the Combi Toilet Trainer/Potty Seat from their site:

I can’t remember how much I got it before because I bought it before Jack Jack turned one. But I was able to purchase it locally through Rustan’s. They’ve got quite a selection of Combi products there.

Like I said, I haven’t seen a potty seat that I would rather have bought at the time. Yes, even the ones that’s got musicals on it. Although I wish for it to be more travel friendly, I know that wouldn’t be possible anymore.

How’s your potty training going?

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  • megan

    i would really like to get one of these i just havent found a store that carries them, where did you get yours?

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