Thomas The Train Clothes Hamper

I can’t believe it is July already. Where did half the year go? Everyday, it gets busier and busier I am losing track of time.

I was thinking of giving this away to anyone who wants/needs it. But it’s been collecting dust in another room in the house since last year’s Halloween so I decided to mix it with Jack Jack’s other toys so he could play with it. But then he barely touches it. Except for this one time.

Hmmm, he’s getting bigger, eh?

And in effect, it collects dust just the same. It takes too much space and lately I can see it slowly wearing out. I don’t like it when that happens. Then when I moved it to the walk-in closet while I was cleaning (Yeah, you read that right! I was cleaning!), it dawned on me. I could use it as a clothes hamper.

I just put a basket that fits in it and it is now a cute little clothes hamper! Jack Jack happily throws his dirty clothes everytime he takes it off (when he’s in a good mood). Remember there’s a small opening at the back of it for small items? It can be used to hold socks or whatever so it does not get lost with the other clothes.

I love it! I enjoy re-purposing stuff because I don’t have to throw it away, it gets to be unique and it gives that whimsy touch. Especially the ones that seemed like they’re useless. What’s really nice about it is that I did not alter anything on Thomas – which means it could always go back to being a costume or a toy for Jack Jack.

Do you know re-purposing? What have you re-purposed before?

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